Italian Born Chinese #12, The Return

Podcast number 12!! I am back!! This is my Christmas Edition of IBC. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!!

IBC #12 podcast-black
Size: 16.8MB
Time: 24:33

Show notes:

- Podsafe: Cruel Weather by Mike Chappelear
- Podcasts: Accident Hash, U-Turn Cafe, Gettling a Legup, Coverville, The Scene Zine.
- Podsafe: What To Do With Michael by Candy Butchers
- Shanghai: Christmas in Shanghai.
- Podsafe: If Every Day Were Christmas by Podsafe for Peace
podsafe music network


Whole Lot of Nonsense - Show 21 - Legos can be uplifting

Show Notes: Still laughable, but here nonetheless.

This is available as an mp3 for download.

Whole Lot of Nonsense - Show 21 - Legos can be uplifting

Just like Romper Room, I make sure to thank the new people who dropped a pin in our Frappr Map.

This show, we talk all about Legos. How exactly can Legos be uplifting and help us all understand one another... and help our big flabby cousins in the sea? Listen, and find out more about the First Lego League. Caution, the audio from the interview here is a little rough because of all the ambient noise.

Our holiday greeting comes from a dozen or so foreign languages, and includes Charlie Crowe's song, Joy-Kinda Holiday-ish. Good Stuff.

I play a song from Serpent of Eve called "Fish". You'll have to listen to find out more information on this... intriguing musical group.

Don't forget that you can get some of the great PodCaster Hockey League at our PHL store.

Some key links?

The show's intro comes from Bubble, and is called Head Case. Our outro is a song from Steadman, called Wave Goodbye. These songs can be found on the PodSafe Music Network.

All in all, 21 minutes I hope you don't want back.


Coffee House to Go - December 19, 2005 - It's Christmas Cast!

Coffee House to Go episode #7. ESC! Magazine's monthly Small Press Podcast featuring readings of poetry, short fiction, interviews and reviews as well as featured music from independent bands.

This episode features over an hour of great independent holiday music from around the world as well as a little extra bonus for those who stick around....

Featuring Podsafe Holiday Music by:
Candy ButchersGive Me A Second Chance for Christmas
Natalie BrownJingle Bells
Geoff SmithMy Own Merry Christmas
Old Man Nelson and the Old 27DreidelDreidelDreidel
Lynn JULIAN aka CookieCutterGirlFruitcake
Karmyn TylerI'll Be There On Christmas Day
BubbleChristmas Here On Mars
Jill ParrDo You Hear What I Hear?
gidgets ga gaChristmas Wish
3 Blind MiceWatchstar
American HeartbreakThe Greatest Xmas Song Ever Written
The LeeVeesLatke Clan
Beatrice EricssonChristmas Without You
MunkJust Stockings On
Andrew BuscemiSanta is Comin to Town!
Podsafe for PeaceIf Every Day Were Christmas

BONUS by Peeper Radio Theater

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CHTG_07_20051219.mp3 (31.1mb 1:07:41 64kbps)


Mark Forman's Hair

I hereby revoke any negative statements I may have made about the Shogun of Taiwan's hair...

He's an amazing guy, and everyone should be listening to his PodCast Getting a Leg Up.

Who loves ya, baby?


Whole Lot of Nonsense - Show 20 - Food Banks are... what?

Show Notes: Still laughable, but here nonetheless.

This is available as an mp3 for download.

Whole Lot of Nonsense - Show 20 - Food Banks are... what?

Just like Romper Room, I make sure to thank everybody who dropped a pin in our Frappr Map.

The big ramble of this PodCast is all about food banks. I managed to get two interviews for this show... and one big surprise. I talk about just what the heck a food bank is, who donates, who gets food from food banks... and how you, yes you can help.

I pulled some information from Wikipedia for this show, and gathered music from the PodSafe Music Network.

I play a great song from 3 Blind Mice called "Emily Has Compassion Fatigue". Great stuff.

Don't forget that you can get some of the great PodCaster Hockey League at our PHL store.

I've also got two great tech PodCast recommendations for ya'll. First is Dave's PDA Rewind. Dave does a PodCast on PDA news and reviews. He does a wicked, good job. Josh Bancroft does an amazing job with my second recommended PodCast, Tinyscreenfuls. Josh works for Intel... shhhhhhh... and he has a tech allowance that puts some wicked, good handheld tech in his paws.

Hey... and for the breaking in to the show at the end, I'm sorry. My eMail from Evo is encouraging people to go to Slice of SciFi. He's got some marketers who are willing to give him some marketing dollars... but if Dragon Page (the umbrella PodCast for Slice of SciFi) wants to make a real go of it as a profitable enterprise, marketers need to realize the power of PodCasting... let's go... there's at least 11 of us to increase his stats... alright, maybe 10, 'cause Mark from Taiwan already listens to Evo... Well, maybe we can win some stuff.

BTW... I forgot the Disembodied Voices Bumper this week... so, hey... go check out DVoices at Blogspot.

Some key links?

The show's intro now comes from Bubble, and is called Head Case. Not a bad replacement for the theme from Stark Raving Mad. Our outro, which used to be a snippet from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Soundtrack, is now a song from Steadman, called Wave Goodbye. These songs can be found on the PodSafe Music Network.

All in all, 19 minutes I hope you don't want back.


Parking In Bitterman Circle #34- Rolling Stones Review Dallas

A short and different Bitterman; I was invited down to look at the Rolling Stones show when they came to Dallas Nov. 29th and played the American Airlines Center. I recorded a short series of thoughts on the drive back to the house on my iriver.

Direct Link

Show Notes

Coffee House to Go - December 5, 2005

Coffee House to Go episode #6. ESC! Magazine's monthly Small Press Podcast featuring readings of poetry, short fiction, interviews and reviews as well as featured music from independent bands.

Opening music excerpt by Uma Floresta, "Almost Everything."

ESC! Magazine News:
Welcome Poetry Market E-Zine Readers!
New issue released October 31st.
Looking for holiday themed poetry and short form fiction for podcast.

Featured Podsafe Audio this episode:
Granian - "Sex In A Box", Munk - "Podpeople", Bob Gentry - "Upside Down", Cagey House - "The Ming Thing", Twin Cam - "Varsity Jacket", Steadman - "Sun Lotion"

Poetry / Spoken Word: Larry Winfield - "I Don't Fall In Love", Under Feather - "Me I Can't Fly"


National Book Award Winners, Sam Hamill wins award, Newport Poet Society, Piotr Gwiazda, Amazon selling a page at a time?, CliffsNotes promotion.

Podcast Promos:
ShakespeareCast, Sundown Lounge

Closing music excerpt by Simpatico, "Santa Claudia"

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CHTG_06_20051205.mp3 (22mb 47:40 64kbps)

Parking In Bitterman Circle #33- Cabo Cast

The Cabocast
One of the great blessings of this year was that Angela and I got to take a trip to Los Cabos before Thanksgiving. Then I talked her into doing a podcast with me!

Direct Link




IBM employees play with podcasting ITworld.com - Southboro,MA,USA
What do you get when you hand 320,000 employees the tools and corporate podcasting guidelines to internally publish their audio creations? ...

The Podcasting Revolution
IT Management - Darien,CT,USA
... This technology has been named "Podcasting" (not affiliated with Apple's iPod). ... Podcasting is still malleable as it is an emerging technology. ...

Ad-Supported Podcasting: Good Start, But There's More
ClickZ News - New York,NY,USA
Podcasting is spawning an ad platform that borrows a traditional approach: place ads, tastefully, throughout the program to get your message in front of ...

Podcasting launched
TMCnet - USA
launched podcasting in the Philippines. Podcasting allows iPod users access and download locally produced content in video and audio formats. ...

ePodcast Express­The Easiest Way Yet to Upload Podcasts
I-Newswire.com (press release) - USA
... Since its inception almost two years ago, podcasting has grown to an international communications phenomena, with participants from grandmothers to garage ...

Pod people
San Francisco Bay Guardian - San Francisco,CA,USA
... brings tracks by big-league artists like Bad Religion, Merle Haggard, Tom Waits, the Dropkick Murphys, Elliott Smith, and NOFX into the world of podcasting. ...

UCI professor to 'podcast' classes
OCRegister - Orange County,CA,USA
... Podcasting also has been introduced at the University of Washington, which refers to the downloadable courses as "anytime, anywhere learning.". ...

New Media Phenomenon Elemental Celebrates Birthday 2.0
PR Web (press release) - Ferndale,WA,USA
... "And honestly, with the advances in new media, from websites geared towards mobile phones to content for video iPods and podcasting, to the strategy behind it ...

Chinese take to podcasting
United Press International - USA
24 (UPI) -- China is joining the high-tech podcasting craze that allows people to use their own Web sites to air everything from songs, jokes to speeches. ...

Gay voices are streaming over Internet podcasts
New York Blade - New York,NY,USA
By GREG MARZULLO | Nov 24, 8:39 AM. Podcasting is the newest technology craze and several gay podcasters are at the forefront of the medium. ...

Biblio File Book Review: Talking turkey about podcasts -- what ...
Enterprise-Record - Chico,CA,USA
... But never mind that. Podcasting is not about reaching a large audience; it's about reaching the right audience. ... But that's the beauty of podcasting. ...

PE Interview With Toodou Founder Gary Wang, Part 1
Pacific Epoch (subscription) - Hong Kong,Hong Kong
Less than one year after the podcasting medium arrived on the scene, Toodou, which launched in April of this year, is already hosting video podcasts. ...

Teenager's history podcast heard around the world
Seattle Post Intelligencer - USA
... This is high-quality podcasting, and military history is not a very forgiving subject: Military history buffs tend to get very particular on details.". ...

Stirring the gender pot in podcasting
tuaw.com - Santa Monica,CA,USA
Wired News has stirred the gender pot by alleging, in the wake of this month's Portable Media and Podcasting Conference (PMPC), that podcasting has become a ...

Podcasting: New, free media links amateur DJs with the world
Norwich Bulletin - Norwich,CT,USA
... The 1-year-old podcasting phenomena is a portable alternative to commercial mass media in that individuals among the masses can pick and choose to listen to ...


The Magnificent 7

Lest I be remiss. Disembodied Voices officially welcome Hugh Brackett of "Putting the Me in Media"as th 7th member of our illustrious org. We promise to teach you all the secret handshakes once we learn them ourselves. So now we are at that wonderful mysterious number "7". The Magnificent 7 inspired The Clash, and was itself inspired by the great master of Japanese cinema Kurosawa's The 7 Samurai. Gentlemen draw your microphones.....


FreeCulture News:7

Photo by dailyjournal
What's up homefries-today's interview guest is Dylan and Emily's music podcasting daddy-C.C. Chapman. He and the Bluesman babble about PME, future of music, Free Culture, Accident Hash, U-Turn Cafe and of course music. So come on in and see how C.C. and I cook together. I know you're all going to enjoy this one.

Musical nourishment was provided by the following great artists, if the spirit moves you please buy their Cds:
Uplift theme music(by Thievery Corp., Dave Slusher and BBluesman)
C-C (You Set The Fire In Me) 4:33 Tom Vek
Technology Song 4:36 Big Head Todd and the Monsters
Hand of Mercy Hope Trueblood
stupidest thing 4:00 Shade tree
Letters To A Loved One 2:57 The Dharmas
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Home Fries: ,


FreeCulture News:6

Photo by Evil Genius
The "Chocolate" portion of our interview with Evil Genius' Dave Slusher. Dave talks about many topics including the liberation of not giving a "rip" about what people think about you, to his finding out about the "Gentle Readers" . In the process he mentions Wired Jesus podcast and utilization of Creative Commons principles in doing 2 shows inspired by Dave's "Godcast". Lot of "meat" in this one folks-come on in, the water is fine.
Music includes: Uplift theme music(by Thievery Corp., Dave and I)
Fourstones - superego (Larry Mix) (3:42)
Tennessee Fire 5:37 The Silos
Freedom 4:19 J Mascis And The Fog
Broken Man 4:30 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios
Red Dress 4:59 James McMurtry
Tube'n 3:53 Redd Volkaert
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EG chronicles: , , ,


FreeCulture News:5

Photo by EvilGenius
Today's guest is Evil Genius Chronicles host Dave Slusher. First of 2 part interview. We'll call this the Vanilla part-cover's everything from Free Beer to Free Culture. Chocolate part up in a day or 2-help you have an informed, interesting, and wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Make sure to check out Dave's new AmigoFish site and take it for a spin.
News Story for today:Sony BMG Saga: The Recall, Open Source Questions

Out of Control 6:34 Dave Alvin
Losing You 3:34 The Redlands Palomino Co.
Cottonseed 6:23 Drive-By Truckers
The Animal Speaks 4:09 The Golden Palominos
In Background:Tube'n 3:53 Redd Volkaert
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Whole Lot of Nonsense - Show 19 - Holidays and Donations

Show Notes: Still laughable, but here nonetheless.

This is available as an mp3 for download.

Whole Lot of Nonsense - Show 19 - Holidays and Donations

This PodCast is all about donating to your favourite charitable organizations. I've included an interview with the CEO of United Way Morris County, John Franklin. I talk about why I donate, and why you should... and tell a mildly rambling story about how I decide to donate.

Karstan, my bro-in-law, who has the Burning Sensations' Online Comic Strip, dug up a song for us from the PodSafe Music Network called The Day the Truckers Saved Christmas.

Adam Curry, the PodFather, discussed on his Daily Source Code Show 275 that he's switching officially to total PodSafe music... mostly owing to a promise from several Dutch representatives of large music conglomerates who mentioned "PodCasting" and "licensed music" and "Adam Curry" and "lawsuit" in the same sentence. I've also embraced PodSafe Music for my intro and outro.

The show's intro now comes from Bubble, and is called Head Case. Not a bad replacement for the theme from Stark Raving Mad. Our outro, which used to be a snippet from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Soundtrack, is now a song from Steadman, called Wave Goodbye. These songs can be found on the PodSafe Music Network.

You'll also note a few more bumpers in this show. The first bumper is a compilation of the phrase "Whole Lot of Nonsense" in several languages. I've had the phrases sitting around, and finally put them together and mixed in an id from Dan Klass from the Bitterest Pill - the voice in English. A second id is from Todd Lerner, the artist behind Song For Free.com. We have an id from Bob Bichler from The Ordinary Average Guy, a fellow member of the New Jersey PodCasters. I also got an id from Mark Hunter from Tartan PodCast. After the music, you'll note that I got an id from Tina, Brian Ibbod's wife... that's right Tina from Coverville. I've got one or two more to put up, and you'll hear those in future shows.

All in all, 19 minutes I hope you don't want back.

FreeCulture News:4

Special Thanksgiving Interview from a very thankful Brother Love, all excited from experiences at Podcast Expo. Mention Organic-John & Bennet, Rob & Podcast NYC, C.C. Chapman, Leo Laporte and a bunch of other groovy people. Mention Brother Love Notes Podcast, etc. So hear what the man has to say. Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends, enjoy everyone!

Music included : Uplift
Round & Round Brother Love
Shakin The Henhouse Organic
Lost Weekend Brother Love
Summertime Brother Love
People Everywhere Brother Love

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Illudium Podcast

Posted 2005-11-21 • Updated 2005-11-25 | 4 comments

Download the show (MP3, 35:11, 25MB). The Creative Commons by-nc/2.5/ license applies to the show as a whole. Please see the Song list below for the license information that applies to different parts of the show.

I introduce myself and talk about the influence Mark Forman and Dave Slusher had on me. I talk about how I decided to read The Mysterious Matter of Mind and I make a song story out of the process of getting the necessary permission to make a derivative work.

Songs (all material is Creative Commons license):

The Coconut Monkeyrocket - Illogical Boogie by-nc/2.0/
Jonathan Coulton - I Feel Fantastic by-nc-sa/2.5/
Penmachine - Burning Moon by-sa/2.5/
People Like Us - DO or DIY sampling+/1.0/
The Dharmas - Book Inside You by-nc-nd/2.5/
Lee Rosevere - The Comfort Zone by-nc/2.0/
Martinibomb - cha l’ectro cha cha by-nc/2.0/
Nick Warner - Owlchemist Number 1 by-nc-sa/2.0/

Remarks of Hugh Brackett are by-nc-sa/2.0/ because they are overlayed onto Owlchemist Number 1. My remarks with no music are available on request with a by-nc/2.5/ license.

Links Mentioned:

Mark Forman - Getting a Leg Up Podcast
Dave Slusher - Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast

Please support the Internet Archive and Creative Commons


FreeCulture News:3

Hi friends-today we have Simon Steadman of the English band Steadman. The band of "look I've got all these wonderful songs, and am placing them on the internet for free download fame!" 150 song to be exact. Most of it professionally recorded stuff.

News item for today:Sony Should fix what they broke-EFF

We also feature the following Steadman songs while we get to know the man behind the band with the interesting plan:
Good To Go 3:55 Steadman Revive
Shake Up 4:40 The Dharmas
Cut Me Loose 3:41 Steadman Loser Friendly
Wave Goodbye 4:02 Steadman Revive

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Trains, Planes and Cars:63

Photo by Poagao
Well, it's getting closer to my favorite time of year. We all have so many things to be thankful for. Great time to reflect on that and prepare. Don't need to be American or eat turkey to do this either-this is a "human" thing. Not a "flag waving" thing. So if you want to join in, please do so. Mention crazy buddies Evo and Brad, as well as those fun-loving LibSyn guys. Steadman interview on FreeCulture News will be up soon as will Thanksgiving BroLo interview Show. The Bluesman is thankful that you listen to him, and think good thoughts about him,

In todays SongStory© we take trains,planes and cars to get us where we want to go.
Lovely Brazilian swinging background music: Lamento Negro 3:58 Dom Um Romao
The Train 3:02 Tahiti 80
Soul train 2:24 link wray
Train is Leaving 5:14 Entrance
Airplanes 4:46 Troubled Hubble
Planes Above Us 2:55 The Milwaukees
Fast Cars 4:37 Aesop Rock
Cars_Pass(Recordist_Remix) 3:07 The Faint
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"No Idle Frets" Jazz Guitar Podcast

This week's Jazz Guitar podcast features a lot of acoustic jazz, courtesy of David Widelock and Paul Pieper. Also music from Mark Kleinhaut, Vince Lewis and Joe Giglio.

Click on the title to stream the podcast, or right (option+) click to download.

Here is the feed.

Here is the link to the blog.



Parking In Bitterman Circle #32

Hey, I'm back home, podcasting from the office while every other podcaster is trying to upload from that shabby hotel in Ontario... ironic, huh?


direct link
You really should be using a podcasting client like IpodderX or Ipodder though and using the RSS feed to automatically download it...
You can now use itunes too! Here's the itunes direct link...


Whole Lot of Nonsense - Show 18 - Get off your butt and vote - Biddies' "Cast that Ballot"

Show Notes: Still laughable, but here nonetheless.

This is available as an mp3 for download.

Whole Lot of Nonsense - Show 18 - Get off your butt and vote - Biddies' "Cast that Ballot"

This PodCast is all about getting out and voting on 8 November 2005 here in the US. I rant for a bit about how important it is, and then the Lascivious Biddies encapsulate all my ranting in a song. These four women are great musicians. They've been heard on the Daily Source Code, Accident Hash, their very own BiddyCast and many, many other PodCasts.

All in all, 7 minutes I hope you don't want back.

Coffee House to Go - November 6, 2005

Coffee House to Go episode #5. ESC! Magazine's monthly Small Press Podcast featuring readings of poetry, short fiction, interviews and reviews as well as featured music from independent bands.

Opening music excerpt by Uma Floresta, "Almost Everything."

Podsafe audio
Planet of Women "Waking Up The Neighbourhood"

ESC! Magazine News:
New issue released October 31st.
Featuring the writing of Robert Potocki, Jnana Hodson, Angela Mankiewicz, Kendra Paredes Hayden, G. Scott Hughes, Ryan G. Van Cleave, Violet Toler and Monica Ellen Smith. Also featuring a new installment of VEX by Paul Tucker. Cover art by Stephanie Rodriguez and a chapbook review by Kris Rued-Clark.

Book Excerpt:
"Awakening Storm" by Jonathan Lowe.
See details in our shownotes.

Podsafe audio:
Griddle - "Dr. Becky Bolanky"


SimonSays, Rev-Up Review Pages and Podcast, Reporters Without Borders handbook for bloggers, Free Podcast Novel.

Podsafe audio:
The Muffs"Really Really Happy"
Shagg"Buh Ba Ba Ba"

Closing music excerpt by Simpatico, "Santa Claudia"

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CHTG_05_20051106.mp3 (34mb 37:13 128kbps)


Whole Lot of Nonsense - Show 17

Show Notes: Still laughable, but here nonetheless.

This is available as an mp3 for download.

Whole Lot of Nonsense - Show 17 - Todd Lerner, Hybrid Rant, PHL, Hollow Horse and promos...

I have got some great news from our friend over at songforfree.com, Todd Lerner. He got pod-play on the Daily Source Code's Show 265 from 24 October 2005 Hurrah!!!

Today, I take The Star Ledger to task for a mostly negative article on hybrids. I give an update on the PHL and play a song from Hollow Horse from their CD, Five Year Diary.

The PodSafe Music Network is a great resource for PodSafe Music... hence, the name I guess.

All in all, 21 minutes I hope you don't want back.

Sites Mentioned:

Burning Sensation Online Comic Strip
Daily Source Code
Hollow Horse
Honda Insight - Official Site
Insight Central.net - the Unofficial Insight Encyclopedia
Jawbone Radio
PHL Cafepress Site
PodCast Paul
Tartan PodCast
Todd Lerner's Song for Free Site


Parking In Bitterman Circle #31

Repost #31-(31a): Trying to solve Itunes download problems.... smaller file, worse quality, same content!



Podcast News & Gimcracks 10/27/05

Yahoo Bangalore develops Podcasting
siliconindia.com - Fremont,CA,USA
BANGALORE: Yahoo, Internet's biggest brand, has announced its entry into podcasting with the beta release of Yahoo! Podcasts. Yahoo! ...

Language Learning Through Podcasting
Corante - USA
It's evident that podcasting is changing how educators view how they teach. ... Here are some more podcasting in education sources from gada.be.

Assessing the Potential of Podcasts
ABC News - USA
... t offer much as a business model. The beauty of podcasting may be in the eye of the beholder. Two separate expert panels in New ...

Yahoo's Podcasting and Audio Search Discussion
Search Engine Journal - USA
... has made a post on the Yahoo SearchBlog about a SDForum Search SIG session at Yahoo about a month ago where some of the top names in Podcasting discussed, well ...

Podcasting is Dead! Long Live Podcasting!
Digital-Lifestyles.Info - London,England,UK
Marc Freedman of The Diffusion Group (TDG) makes good points here about Podcasting, including the now slack usage of the term to describe any audio that is ...

Firm offers language study based on 'podcasting'
Asia Times Online - Kowloon,Hong Kong
TOKYO - ALC Press Inc, a publisher of language text materials, will begin a new English language-study service in January based on "podcasting". ...

Mobile Podcasting Now Available for Motorola ROKR, RAZR, Nokia ...
SymbianOne - Victoria,BC,Canada
A couple of weeks ago Melodeo announced they were making mobile podcasting available for Motorola RAZR and ROKR phones, and would have a version of Mobilcast ...

Curtain goes up on premium web video
VNUNet.com - Haarlem,Netherlands
... Kaufhold. "RSS, audio podcasting and upcoming video podcasting initiatives will drive demand for lots more video on the internet. ...

MovieTickets.com Launches Podcasting Feature
InformationWeek - Manhasset,NY,USA
By Antone Gonsalves. MovieTickets.com on Thursday launched a podcasting service for delivering movie synopses and alerts when new summaries are available. ...

POD people
Arkansas Democrat Gazette - AR,USA
... The "it" all four of these Arkansans have in common is podcasting. ... 8 million by 2010. WHAT IS PODCASTING ? The online encyclopedia Wikipedia. ...

Liz Phair Loves Podcasting
FMQB - Cherry Hill,NJ,USA
Singer/songwriter Liz Phair has found a new hobby while touring behind her latest album, Somebody's Miracle: podcasting. Phair has ...

The whys and wherefores of podcasting
Stanford Daily - USA
Mention podcasting to anyone and Apple's sexy lineup of iPods leaps to mind. Indeed, who could be faulted for making such an association? ...

Podcasting becomes another Edwards first
Blackanthem.com - Clinton Township,MI,USA
An Air Force Materiel Command base became the first to offer news updates through podcasting on the public Web site Oct. 14. At ...

Podcasting At BlogOn
WebProNews - Lexington,KY,USA
Last week at BlogOn I sat down for a podcast with Cameron Reilly from the Podcast Network ... .. Mena Trott, president and co-founder ...

Students getting their voices heard with podcasts
Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription) - MN,USA
All of them are getting an opportunity to speak their minds and share their favorite music with an audience through podcasting, which -- broadly defined -- is ...

Podcasting Program Proves Popular at the University of Washington
Corante - USA
Podcasting is inspiring educators who continue to note it as one of the most innovative technologies they have seen in a long time. ...

AboveTopSecret.com Launches Unique Community Podcasting Service
Emediawire (press release) - Ferndale,WA,USA
Community Podcasting comes to AboveTopSecret.com -- the leading online destination devoted to "alternative topics" in world affairs, politics, conspiracies ...

Yahoo! podcasting service now in India
agencyfaqs.com - New Delhi,India
... Podcasting is a growing phenomenon that enables anyone to create and distribute their own series of Internet audio programs or audio blogs, resulting in a new ...

Setting Up Your Own Podcast Studio: The PodSqod.com Podcast Offers ...
Emediawire (press release) - Ferndale,WA,USA
... first home recording studio. Podcasting is poised to change the way audio and video information is consumed. Mark Jensen explains ...

Chinese finding their voice
The Argus - Fremont,CA,USA
Yes, I know, I am a little ahead of myself. Very few Chinese have ever even seen an iPod, so the podcasting that exists here is largely done through PCs. ...

Touring Phair reaches out by podcasting
Chicago Sun-Times - United States
''I'm all about podcasting,'' Phair says. ''I'm totally fixated on it. It's what I'm into. We usually do a couple of live songs and then there are interviews. ...

Teaching Music Appreciation With Podcasting
Corante - USA
... lectures. Man, I wish I had podcasting and teachers like Chris Paschen and Bruce Bodelson. ... interest. So they decided to start podcasting: ...

Ameriprise Retirement Services Introduces Podcasting; What's Next. ...
Business Wire (press release) - San Francisco,CA,USA
26, 2005--Ameriprise Retirement Services today launched podcasting for the retirement plan industry with a series of podcasts to its plan sponsor clients ...

SCAD offers daily film festival podcasting
ipodnn - Santa Clara,CA,USA
The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) today introduced daily video podcasting of its film festival activities on iTunes. ...

Sound Proposition for Podcasting
MacNewsWorld - Encino,CA,USA
"To be honest, [podcasting] is very new," says Alex Bellinger, a specialist in public relations for the small to medium-sized enterprise. ...

Podcasting Meets the Elevator Pitch
Business 2.0 - San Francisco,CA,USA
By Katherine Heires, October 26, 2005. Getting face time with venture capitalists -- even 60 seconds for an elevator pitch -- can be tough. ...

Stanford Embraced Podcasting
WebProNews - Lexington,KY,USA
Stanford University has embraced podcasting in a big way. ... This new and innovative application of podcasting further solidifies the medium's place in the mix.

Macworld San Francisco to Feature Mac Industry Favorites Michael ...
Business Wire (press release) - San Francisco,CA,USA
... Topics include: George Lucas revolutionizing filmmaking; David Pogue's Macworld talk show; the rise of Podcasting; and new features in Photoshop CS. ...


Whole Lot of Slideshows - Show 01 London Slideshow from Vacation

Whole Lot of Slideshows - Show 01

This is available as an mp4 for download. Here's our first vidCast.

Well, we went on vacation to London from 3 to 12 October 2005. We had tons of fun.

We had loaded about 200 pics to the Flickr Feed, and felt that it would be great fun to take about 13, and narrate 'em.

So we did.

And here they are.

The intro music was recorded as the marching band came into Buckingham Palace for the Changing of the Guard.

All in all, 7 minutes or so I hope you don't want back.


Whole Lot of Nonsense - Show 16

Show Notes: Still laughable, but here nonetheless.

This is available as an mp3 for download.

Whole Lot of Nonsense - Show 16

I was gone on vacation... and now I'm back. I open with some sound seeing from several hundred feet up on St. Paul's Cathedral in London and then a band in fron of Buckingham Palace. I let the British Service Industry have it... my compliments, that is. Oh yeah, the PHL started, and it's time to be aware that Shrub is trying some stupid diversionary tactics.

This week's music comes from, the marching miltary band in front of Buckingham Palace, Cagey House's "Transportation by Rail End of Navigation", Cagey House's "Outside after Bedtime", Blacksun's "Revolt" and a couple of non-PodSafe tunes. I'm working on it... I'm working on it....

Cagey House is available as a listing on the PodSafe Music Network and a link to Steel Tantrum produced by Nishi.

The PodSafe Music Network is a great resource for PodSafe Music... hence, the name I guess.

All in all, 14 minutes I hope you don't want back.


Podcast News 10/18/05

What's Podcasting?
Deutsche Welle - Germany
DW-WORLD.DE explains what podcasting is, how it works and how you can listen to podcasts. "Podcasting" comes from mixing "broadcasting ...
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Podcasting gains wider acceptance
Connecticut Post - Bridgeport,CT,USA
... and recently started including audio recordings about their travels across the US The audio files are part of the growing trend of podcasting -- started in ...

Podcasting a new way to plant seeds of knowledge at UIS
Springfield State Journal Register - Springfield,IL,USA
... But in order to weave certain material into the class, Cheney turned to podcasting, a contemporary medium that's gradually gaining traction in the academic ...

Yahoo! Launches Podcasting
Internet Ad Sales (press release) - Taeby,NA,Sweden
... 1 Internet brand and the most trafficked Internet destination worldwide, today announced its entry into podcasting with the beta release of Yahoo! Podcasts. ...

New media hands power to the people
Sydney Morning Herald (subscription) - Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
... "Podcasting is just a great way to ... Australia's own Aunty, the ABC, says it will continue podcasting after trialling the technology for several months. ...

NextPage's Cydni Tetro to Speak at BlogOn 2005
PR Newswire (press release) - New York,NY,USA
Tetro, Vice President of Marketing, to Discuss How Podcasting is Used as a Marketing Tool to Deliver Both Company and Industry Information to Customers ...
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What's the Hottest New Technology Tool for Real Estate Agents? ...
PR Newswire (press release) - New York,NY,USA
... a la mode is the real estate industry's first company to offer podcasting to real estate agents and is making its Propertycast technology available to all of ...

State Websites Celebrate 10th Birthday
Public CIO - Folsom,CA,USA
... Among its distinguishing features, Delaware.gov was the first state site to offer "podcasting," allowing users of Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod music players to ...


Podcast News 10/14/05

Yahoo! and the Future of Podcasting
Always On - USA
He's excited about the beta launch of Yahoo!'s new podcasting platform Yahoo! ... "I think that it [community] is something that is great and new about podcasting. ...
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Podshow CEO Ron Bloom Shakes Up Media Business with Podcasting; In ...
Emediawire (press release) - Ferndale,WA,USA
... with MTV and broadcast veteran, new media entrepreneur and longtime associate Adam Curry who is widely acknowledged as the creator of podcasting, or PodFather. ...

Is podcasting at its 14th minute?
tuaw.com - Santa Monica,CA,USA
... talking about. Which are you going to choose? Me, too. More after the jump. I've always been a lukewarm fan of podcasting. It's not ...
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PIMCO's Bill Gross Begins Podcasting His Monthly Investment ...
PrimeZone (press release) - Los Angeles,CA,USA
NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Oct. 13, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- PIMCO today announced that Chief Investment Officer Bill Gross' monthly Investment ...

Playgirl-TV Podcasting On Yahoo
WebProNews - Lexington,KY,USA
... Playgirl site directly. This is an early venture by a mainstream adult entertainment company into the podcasting arena. Playboy has ...
Podcasters Meeting in Southern California Next Month For First ...
Emediawire (press release) - Ferndale,WA,USA
Conference sessions and keynotes will address topics ranging from legal issues to potential business models for podcasting. Laguna ...
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CEOwebcast.com Announces Strategic Partnership With ...
Market Wire (press release) - USA
... StreetIQ.com is a wholly owned subsidiary of FinancialContent, Inc. "The emergence and recent popularity of PodCasting represents a unique opportunity to ...
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Mouthful Begin's with "M":55

Was in a great mood and had good energy when I did this spontaneous story built on song titles that begin with "m". Hope you enjoy it. The character names were not changed to protect the innocent, any similarities they have to "cult leaders" hosting other podcasts is due to pure whimsy.

At the risk of being edundant I encourage evrybody to head by Evil Genius Chronicles and read some of the inspired blogging and listen to some Grade A Prime podcasts inspired by Dave's recent attendance at Converge South. Leave Brother Dave a comment and tell him the Bluesman sent you.

The musical bed I almost went to sleep on: Roll On 2:42 The Twin Atlas
The songs for the story are as follows:
Mindstalking 3:55 Lunascape
Millionaire Girlfriend 4:23 Jonathan Coulton
Michelle 4:12 The Homesicks
Mr. Insecurity 3:20 Agent Sparks
Mastermind 3:34 Deltron
Miss Goma 6:52 P. Kalle
Magnetic Field 3:24 Alex Chilton
Mexican Lonelieness 3:19 Matt Dillon & Others/Kicks Joy Darkness: A Tribute To Jack Kerouac Some strong language
Mission Bell 3:42 Coronet Blue
A Modern Way Of Letting Go 2:22 Idlewild
Mr. Lucky 4:41 John Lee Hooker
Mondo Generator 6:15 Kyuss
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Podcast News 10/13/05

Yahoo launches new podcasting service
Reuters - USA
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Yahoo Inc., the Internet giant, on Monday unveiled plans to get into podcasting with a test release of a service that will let users ...

Yahoo launches new podcasting service
Scoopt.org - Portogruaro,Italy
Yahoo Inc., the Internet giant, on Monday unveiled plans to get into podcasting with a test release of a service that will let users download and review online ...

Yahoo launches new podcasting service
Reuters - USA
NEW YORK, Oct 10 (Reuters) - Yahoo Inc. (YHOO.O: Quote, Profile, Research), the Internet giant, on Monday unveiled plans to get into podcasting with a test ...

The point of podcasting
Macworld - San Francisco,CA,USA
By Cyrus Farivar. For now, podcasting isn'ta way to make huge amounts of money. Unless you're Adam Curry, the "podfather" and ...

Yahoo dips feet into podcasting
TODAYonline - Singapore
... Podcasting is an increasingly popular practice through which audio files -- often produced by amateurs or non-commercial organisations -- are made available on ...

Podcasting Will Redefine "Radio Program"
Audio Graphics - Cleveland,OH,USA
There are two stories that explain the above headline better than I can. One is about the (arguably) most-visited web site launching ...

Yahoo launches new podcasting service
Leading The Charge - Milton,Queensland,Australia
NEW YORK - Yahoo Inc. (Nasdaq:YHOO - news), the Internet giant, on Monday unveiled plans to get into podcasting with a test release of a service that will let ...

AME Info introduces new podcasting service
Strategiy - United Arab Emirates
AME Info has tapped into one of the internet's fastest-growing trends -- Podcasting -- to provide flexible access to its growing library of audio ...

Voters get message from horse's mouth
Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription) - MN,USA
... Podcasting, many politicians say, gives them direct access to their constituents and allows them to talk to voters without a "media filter." It also allows ...

Yahoo! Releases Podcasting Tools
Mediapost.com - Westport,CT,USA
... Monday launched a suite of podcasting tools to search for, arrange, and rate the multitudinous digital audio files flooding the Web. ...

Yahoo! launches its own Podcasting web based service
TechWhack - Delhi,India
Apple started the Podcasting mania by supporting it in their recently updated iTunes application. And now, Yahoo! has launched their ...

New Internet Radio Station Features Something For Everyone
Emediawire (press release) - Ferndale,WA,USA
Podcasting content delivery system will make it easy for listeners to join in on shows that interest them. Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) October ...

Hot New Podcast Delivers Online Stock Trading Alerts and Education
Emediawire (press release) - Ferndale,WA,USA
DaytradeTeam delivers real-time alerts, analysis and commentary to active investors around the world via podcasting technology. ...

Yahoo Launches Podcast Search
InternetNews.com - USA
There's a lot of buzz about podcasting, audio content delivered over the Internet as RSS (define) feeds. But nobody much is listening ...

Ten Guidelines For B2B Podcasts
WebProNews - Lexington,KY,USA
Similar distinctions apply to business podcasting -- particularly B2B podcasting, where your customer is another business instead of an individual customer or ...

Medical Practice Management Podcast Site SoundPractice.Net Seeks ...
PR ZOOM (press release) - San Francisco,CA,USA
... each podcast. "Since podcasting is a new media, the existing models for advertising and sponsorship may not work. The relationship ...


Free Culture: Introduction

Here is an advance on first installment of new series that will commence in about 2 weeks upon conclusion of Down and Out. Cory D. concurred that this book is an excellent choice and a very timely piece of material for evryone to be thinking about and acting upon. Please check the links on Professor Lawrence Lessig, author of Free Culture-they are very impressive and numerous. This is one professor not content to remain in the lofty towers of academia, but is rather a very active presence in the numerous organizations he participates in, and has a great passion for raising our awareness towards the enemies of our free usage of information technologies.

All music is published under Creative Commons.
Theme: Weapons of Mass Deception The Bots
Intermission: Making Me Nervous 2:37 Brad Sucks
Background: Not from concentrate 7:01 Suono Vivace
The endless last 9:59 Suono Vivace
Compromise_Q-1 3:07 Suono Vivace
Memo 5:23 Antenne

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PIBC#30-Puck Soup (and a side ramp)

Time is of the essence, therefore I'm still way behind... Talking about places 10 stops ago. So from Grand Rapids, MI comes another unsorted affair from the mind of our founder...


Grand Rapids, MI / day off

Opening Day of the NHL season... game on!!!

Brazil (Brasil by God)... The Curitiba Rock Fesitval, Varig Airlines and the ability to downgrade against your will...

13,000 for a club date? why sure...

Good tunes
, old gear and Brazillian hospitality...

Lost... not the series, the luggage...Jimmy Kimmel and flying on a string

Goodbye Ed, Goodbye Dino... 2005 is a year of loss for everyone

Darkness in the mind, abuse of power

Food, the enemy?

Ramps 'R Us


Andy Goldsworthy

Operation Eden

Thank You

"Leão Do Norte" by Lenine & Marcos Suzano from "Olho De Peixe"

Direct Link

Bottom of My Heart:54

Blab briefly about Larry Lessig's Free Culture , Brief Glimpses of Somewhere Else podcast, sycophantishly praised most recent EGC Clambake cast, Androidian troubador: Jonathan Coulton and played some music. #5 in Hunter S. Thompson on Iraq et al series, and piece from B'Klyn:A State of Mind

Bottom of the Barrel 4:40 Arizona Amp & Alternator
Crowd Pleaser 4:16 Lion Fever
DNA 3:11 Jonathan Coulton
Heroics 3:43 The Scribbled Out Man
Japanese Girls 2:29 Robbers On High Street
Made up in Blue 4:00 The Bats
My Heart Sinks 3:41 Hotrod Cadets
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