Sepia Sky at Twilight: No.48

A glorious sepia sky at twilight motivated me to podcast(like I need an excuse). Mentioned Evo and Dragon Page, Mur Lafferty from Geek Fu Action Grip 2 Bluesman poems.

Pirate Love 3:57 Johnny Thunders
Moonshine And Indian Blood 3:15 Shaver
I Get Along 2:51 The Libertines
Rebellion (Lies) 5:10 The Arcade Fire
I'll Make You A Star 5:43 The Ponys
Round & Round 4:01 Brother Love Album Of The Year
Background music
The Truth 6:18 Garage Dub A New Breed Of Dub Issue Two
Twilight Circus 4:41 Bord A New Breed Of Dub Issue Two

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Whole Lot of Nonsense - Show 13

Show Notes: Still laughable, but here nonetheless.

This is available as an mp3 for download.

This week is about:

All in all, 21 minutes I hope you don't want back.


Italian Born Chinese #8

Podcast number 8. A little earlier this week, since we are going to Su-Zhou during the weekend. Sound quality is quite bad today, don't know why. Apologies, but don't have much time today for a better recording. Hope you still enjoy it.

IBC #8 podcast-black
Size: 17.5MB
Time: 25:37

Show notes:

- Podcast: my subscriptions list analysis.
- Love story: Travels in UK.
- Podsafe: Making Me Nervous by Brad Sucks
- Shanghai: comfort.
- Podsafe: Walk The Line by Now is Now
podsafe music network

PodCast & Portable Media Expo

Alrighty, gentlemen... 'cause I think we're all gentlemen at this point... Who's planning to be at the PodCast & Portable Media Expo (PPME)?

I've got all my plans set. I'll be arriving late Thursday night, and leaving on a red-eye out on Saturday night (0.30 on Sunday am).

Rumours abound on who'll be there, and who won't. So, let's use this thread to figure out what's going on.

As I'm registered for the conference, I'll be able to get hold of the audio and handouts for people who can't be there... so let me know if you can't be there, but would like to get some of the info. The whole set of handouts is supposed to be elctronic, so I shouldn't have to carry stuff away.


#13 Lenz, Sanwald, Freeman and Kirby

#13 Lenz, Sanwald, Freeman and Kirby

(Click on the title to hear the podcast or right click (option+click on a Mac) to download.)

Thanks and kudos to Mark Forman of the Getting a Leg Up podcast for designing my "album art".

Remember Geordie F.O. Kelly, whom I interviewed in July? Well his new CD, "Triple Play" is now available. Check it out here.

Music in today's show:

1) "Damage Control" by B.D. Lenz from the CD: "Tomorrow's Too Late". Website Equipment: Fender Stratocaster through a Penn amp.

2) "Three" by Paul Sanwald. Website Equipment: Ibanez PM-100 through a Polytone Megabrute combo amp.

3) "Circle Line" by The Keith Freeman Quartet from the CD "Circle Line." Website Equipment: Hofner Jazzica (w. Kent Armstrong single coil p/up & Thomastik-Infeld Swing 013 strings) and an ATT Little Willie 30w valve amp.

4) "Line Game" by Steven Kirby from the CD "North Light". Website Equipment: Kubicki Telecaster and the amp was an Acoustic Image Coda 2.


DAO Fellow Travelers-DAO12R

Hey quit deadheading, grab some more whuffie and download revised Prologue and Chapter 1 all available as DAO12R .mp3 file. After this we are 100% animatronically correct down to the curly hairs on Walt Disney's.... well, need we exaggerate. So after this we will continue with DAO in correct sequence picking up next week with DAO4-Chapter 3.

Intro: Shakin the Henhouse Organic
Theme: Stare at the Floor Sans Trauma
Intermssion between Prologue and Chap. 1:
Patience 5:05 Cosmic Rough Riders
Stripped Me Naked 4:57 John Lee Hooker
Close of Show:
newvibes11 4:28 Dread Daze
Background music:
forward and back 10:28 vae
nips 3:07 esem Electronic
tell me colours 3:58 morning papers vs. lizardking
07/10/99 3:45 lackluster

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Coffee House to Go - #3

ESC! Magazine's monthly Small Press Podcast featuring readings of poetry, short fiction, interviews and reviews as well as featured music from independent bands.

Opening music excerpt by Uma Floresta, "Almost Everything."

ESC! News. Podsafe audio by Michael Dowling, "Make Tonight Last." LitNews: Big thanks to Mark Forman, 7th Grade Stories, BBC and CNN and Amateur Culture, Dogtooth Books, Amazon entering the Small Press Market? Jordan Doucette, "Captured." Poetry by Didi Menendez, Charles Ries and Mark Forman. Podsafe audio: "Writing On The Wall" by Nashville Session Players from Freedom Tracks Music. Podsafe audio: Cruisebox's "On a Podcast" (Note: This song contains explicit lyrics.)

Closing music excerpt by Simpatico, "Santa Claudia"

Full Shownotes (html)

Podcast Feed or
Download the show here!
CHTG_03_20050822.mp3 (18.7mb 40:49 64kbps)


PIBC#27- The Chunnelcast

Live from below the English Channel, it may be the first Chunnelcast by an American drum and bass tech this year!

On the bus in Calais, France with the crew

On the bus on the train...Euro Tunnel

Safety Doors

off the bus for photos

No Flash!/CCTV

Walkabout on the train, Polish Bus...

Under the English Channel

Travel: Tokyo/London/Munich

BA Catering (Wha?)

Gate Gourmet

Japan Earthquake

/ Frequency/ Muffahalle/Highlands

Queues- gate crashers

Dover (well, kinda...)

No Flash! (pt. 2)

Famous Ferryboats- Germany to Copenhagen,"The Love Boat" to Helsinki

The rest of the trip

Foozering soon!

Friends at festivals/ QOTSA get high marks/ First chunnelcast?/ in the UK



Ok, so you may know the drill... click on the little speaker thingy in the upper right corner of this post to listen to the podcast or option/right click on it to download or just click here.
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Italian Born Chinese #7

Podcast number 7. This the first no-edit podcast!! I hope you enjoy it!!

IBC #7 podcast-black
Size: 16.5MB
Time: 24:06

Show notes:

- Podcast: Cinecast
- Love story: First weekend in UK.
- Podsafe: Did you think by Adrina Thorpe
- Shanghai: Shanghai Women.
- Podsafe: Summertime by Brother Love
podsafe music network

Visit my site: thetais.net


Here Come them Guitars!

Wow, I might need to seek some Venture Capital funding so I can get someone to help me with the blogging-$4 million shouldn't be too much. Enough silliness, please welcome 6th member Nick Carver of Milwaukee, WI and No Idle Frets podcast. If you haven't heard his show yet, make sure you listen, nice jazz guitar music-podsafe of course. Wow, that makes the 2nd midwesterner after Mike. Cool, we're bound to get a Californian at this rate.


DAO3-Chapter 2

Hello Fellow DAO lover's! Here it is: the uninterrupted reading of DAO Chapter 2 with a couple of songs before and after for your audio pleasure. So please sit back, close your eyes and enjoy together with me Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom-Chapter 2. Similarly revised version of Prologue and Chapter 1 I will do as one program very shortly. Thanks for all the comments, encouragement and support!
Intro: Organic-Shakin' the Henhouse
Beginning: Sans Trauma-Stare at the Floor
Background: Orb Getarr
Close: Brother Love-People Everywhere
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Thinking of Michael B.

Please note this is a special multi-media podcast inspired by and dedicated to the very gifted, and unforunately right now, the very ill-Michael Brecker. In this you'll find some excellent music in the background and foreground from Michael B. and others, talk about some adjustments to DAO program and Cory Doctorow's new work in progress, hear a lecture by the late Hunter S. Thomson, hear me introduce my audio partners in crime, ride the podcasting wave-great shout from Brother Love, talk about the concept of podsafe music, and read a passage from Brooklyn: A State of Mind. It runs long: 68 minutes. No I'm not going to make this the norm. In summary, if you would like further info about Michael please visit his site, and leave an e-mail let him know you care! You people are the best! Oops for program end being cut slightly short. The gremlins!

An amateur's guide to sleeping sickness 5:09 GRAVITY PROPULSION SYSTEM ---
People Of The Earth 3:04 Graham Coxon
No Turning Back 3:42 I Roy
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (live) 6:04 Pat Metheny, Joni Mitchell, Jaco Pastorius, Michael Brecker, Lyle Mays
Body and Soul (live) 11:24 Elvin Jones with Michael Brecker
Some Skunk Funk 8:58 Brecker Brothers Band
Zyryab 6:17 Paco De LucĂ­a
Duende 7:28 Terry Bozzio, Tony Levin & Steve Stevens
Venus/Upper Egypt 8:38 Sonny Sharrock Band
Highlife 4:14 Sonny Sharrock Band

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Fast and Furious

I don't know first I'm trown a curve ball by Aronski doing more casts in a 3 day period than the 3 months preceding. Then we get the IBC kid in and before he even brings the pizzas to the first Dvoices poker game, we get Mike Potter from Coffee House to Go Podcast storming the barn. Mike does a really neat Poetry/Literature Coffee House style podcast as welll as run a small literary publishing co., and about 3 blogs that I know of. Rumor has it that he is also the Chicago Bear mascot but we have no photos to prove that yet. Bada bing bada boom-the den of thieves welcomes you. Now hurry up and make some coffee for us-:)


Asian + European Flavour

Thank you Mark, Aron and Brad for welcoming me to your family. I hope to bring another Asian point of view, as well as a European flavour to this corner of the podosphere. It is really exciting to be in podcasting, and I am honored to be in such good company.

Reading Aron's invitation: "Hoping to expand our own understanding of podcasting, music, life, love and the universe [...]", I realized that is exactly what my podcast is about! What do they call it? Fate?

Peking Duck Pizza?

Hey Guys,
We got this guy here from Milan, with Taiwanese parents, he lives in Shanghai, works podcasts, and chases his beautiful new bride around the apartment, while yelling, "Amore, bella amore!". I think that means waiter more wine or something. Enough babbling-welcome to John Tai of the Italian Born Chinese podcast.


Critical Need for Michael Brecker

Some serious news-a lot of you may know Michael Brecker from the Brecker Brothers or various other musical works. He has a life and death situation. Please check this site or Parking in Bitterman Circle for details.

PIBC#26- URGENT appeal for Michael Brecker

A special short PIBC with perhaps the only important message ever shared on Bitterman Circle. Jazz musician Michael Brecker is very ill with MDS and need our help. By getting our blood tested and registering our information, we could help him (and others in similar situations). Please visit any of the links below for more information and if you can find it in your heart to get tested, thank you in advance.


My posting about it....



This podcast is not worksafe and includes non-podsafe backround music...


"Angle of Repose" from Wide Angles by Michael Brecker

"Confirmation" from Three Quartets by Chick Corea (on drums!) and Michael Brecker
"Spherical" from Return of the Brecker Brothers by the Brecker Brothers

Please help.

Ok, so you may know the drill... click on the little speaker thingy in the upper right corner of this post to listen to the podcast or option/right click on it to download or just click here.
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Whole Lot of Nonsense - Show 12

Show Notes: Still laughable, but here nonetheless.

This is available as an mp3 for download.

This week is about:
  • how pissed off I am at the religious rights hypocrisy in scientific education
  • the death of my favourite Aunt Suzy (she died yesterday) - I'll blog more on this later. Although, I think this PodCast captures my feelings quite well
  • thanks to everybody helping me emotionally deal with my Lyme's - especially my wife

All in all, ~28 minutes I hope you don't want back.



PIBC#25- Chicanes 'R Us

Sleep dep travelogue, vulgar rehash, coffee by Dunn Brothers, snacks by Crunky popjoy...

Worksafe? No.


Nice flight, across the sea, Waterpark nearby...

Mylar undercoat, 20 summers ago...

Immigration queues, cartoon placation, Goat sodomy, terminal illness, just made it...

Chicanes 'R Us... driving to Osaka in a 747...

Production meetings... some traditions must be SMASHED!!!

NEWSFLASH: "People from foreign countries can speak English and might not tell you!!!"

"The lobby? Drive up to the 6th floor and take the elevator to 29 and crash..."

0 Dark Thirty... where's my Iriver? Send your guesses to me here....

BA strike... let's find Richard Quest a new gig, please?

Humid tent flap

"Another bin in the Wall" by Oasis's sound crew

Butler turns 100
... and gets no pension

Worst of Podsafe podcast?

all music provided by the Podsafe Music Network:


Kevin Christensen

The Core

if thousands


The Firesign Theatre
... they have a podcast!

"Paste" by The Bright Side dedicated to "H.P."Glendenning...

Ok, so you may know the drill... click on the little speaker thingy in the upper right corner of this post to listen to the podcast or option/right click on it to download or just click here.
You really should be using a podcasting client like IpodderX or Ipodder though and using the RSS feed to automatically download it...


PIBC #24- Continental Catsup

An intro from Japan, the body from Texas, one song from West Australia (no, not Austin!) and another from Tampa (by way of outer space). Extra thanks to the Podsafe Music Network for providing the tunes today... finally!! Some podsafe music I want to share!



Hello from Japan

Thoughts from behind the wheel- time

"Meet Me In The Middle"
by Stingray

Post workout- time and again

"Burn Tampa" by The Cult of Sue Todd



Today Chapter One of Cory Doctorow's Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom.
Young Once 4:10 Alex McEwan
Chemical Romance 3:45 Q Without U
Dimebag Eyes 2:15 Tom Daily
Super Ball 4:00 Rob Sonic
Everybody Knows How to Cry 3:22 Wolfie
give in to win 4:34 sans trauma ep 2
Theme Song:
Stare at the Floor Sans Trauma
Background music:
Shakin the Henhouse Organic
The Thinning 7:00 Orb Gettarr
Macrocosm 12 (From 24-96 Remix) 4:59 Orb Gettarr

Big love, prayers and positive thoughts for the Chapman family-grandma has been diagnosed with lung cancer.
Download Show here


Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom:1

Well friends the adventure begins-this is first episode of Cory Doctorow's: Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom a Creative Commons published novel. I am reciting this fine novel by Cory with Creative Commons and podsafe music in the background and during pauses. I plan on doing one reading (chapter?) each week. I give my warmest thanks to Cory for personally assenting to this project, to Mike Potter over at Coffeehouse To Go podcast for informing me that this work existed, and to Edinburgh Scotland's musical giant's-Sans Trauma whose music was a must in my mind for accompanying this project (their song Stare at the Floor opens and closes each episode). I feel strongly that the future would be very bleak without writing as interesting as Cory's and without music as captivatingly gripping as Sans Trauma. One last plug-I was introduced to Sans Trauma's music by Scotland's Tartan Podcast-the finest music podcast on the net that I know about. Host Mark Hunter is the music podcaster's podcaster providing a rich mix of delightful music to suit all moods, and helping to sooth savage beasts like me.

Shakin' The Hen House 4:42 Organic Featured in the intro
inheritor 8:41 xhale Sad Sequence Pt 1 6:59 Fumitaka Anzai Podsafe Music :background music during recital

Music during pauses in order:
Dirtbag 3:50 Brad Sucks
Pilot In My Head 4:17 Iron Hero Somebody please give these guys a good record deal!
agenda suicide (fake ID mix) 4:58 the faint
This 3:33 Brian Eno
Download DAO#1

Some Housewife From Topeka wrote......

Well, the Bluesman wanted to create a home for the wayward lads, a podcasting group for the guys and gals who not only defy pigeon holes but tend to fly out of them on a regular basis. As the world begins to learn of podcasting, alliances and sub-cliques everywhere; The Disembodied Voices Podcast Group.

Beginning as a small group of podcasters with diverse yet similar needs, the DVoices will be a home to those have a want to belong and no interest in being assimilated. Hoping to expand our own understanding of podcasting, music, life, love and the universe, I guess this is an invitation to those who are seekers, wanderers, listeners and just a bit off center.

Originally posted by AM on 8/3 on Parking in Bitterman Circle


'Nother Drum Roll

Further demonstrating the east coast is not the least coast Dvoices is now one short of a Gang of Four. Welcome to Brad Pendegraph-Whole Lot of Nonsense Podcast newest member of Disembodied Voices podcast group. I can see the first 3-on 3 game in the near future!


Batter Up

Hey there, a report from the other side of midnight, the central time zone, where the temp rides the 100 degree F mark and it's no big deal, the lawn cries and the flowers collapse, where false cowboys have addresses and I have part of a day off. At my other blog, I done busted my software and now live in fear that I could accidently scramble all of my data so that it would finally make sense. I'm sure I'll solve that soon.
In other news the bathroom looks like a cardboard box now that the 340 lb. cast iron tub is out (and grabbed off the lawn by persons unknown), the dry wall and tile lay shattered in a landfill north of here, close to the reminants of two layers of vinyl flooring and in the same county as the sink, the cabinet and the molding. Being home often means projects on fast forward, resentments, cat naps and kitten patrol. A podcast of the domestic quality is soon to come... not always as popular as the out of town ones but a man's gotta do...
I'd like to thank the Brooklyn Bluesman for taking point on the DVoices project, grabbing the bull by the horns and giving it a name. It still remains to be seen if it will be a party of two, shouting at different sides of a harvest moon in two broken yet eeriely similar dialects or a party of partially educated ner-do-wells who may not win any sporting trophies but will probably find a way to insult the other team without them knowing it. We all gotta have goals.

Game on!


Podcasting For Dummies!

Some designated Podcast software to consider: Castblaster, Propaganda, and Mixmeister. Can't endorse any of these since I haven't used any yet-all of them currently only available in Windows format. I'm still using Bias Peak 4.1.1 an exellent recording software. The advantages of at least some of the 3 podcast specific programs I mentioned is: 1) the ability to direct record in mp3 without having to convert-saving a lot of time waiting for lengthy file conversion, 2) Write show notes which will publish to specified blo/website and produce related rss enclosures, and give you ftp upload link to your podcast host within program.

If any reader has experience with any of these please feel free to comment.


2 excellent resources for creative commons music for inclusion in podcasts. A lot of electronica with other musical forms as well.

Whole Lot of Nonsense - Show 11

August 1st, 2005 (11:23 am)
current mood: accomplished
current song: Nate and Di PodCast (NWS)

Show Notes: Still laughable, but here nonetheless.

This is available as an mp3 for download.

This week is about:

  • the camps of Rachel and Griffin
  • a poem dedicated to Mark from Tartan PodCast
  • Sarah's discussion of her attendance at a birth of her first client. She's working as a Doula

Thanks to the team from Escape Pod for jinxing me. I've been up late again getting this show together.

All in all, 45 minutes I hope you don't want back.