#13 Lenz, Sanwald, Freeman and Kirby

#13 Lenz, Sanwald, Freeman and Kirby

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Thanks and kudos to Mark Forman of the Getting a Leg Up podcast for designing my "album art".

Remember Geordie F.O. Kelly, whom I interviewed in July? Well his new CD, "Triple Play" is now available. Check it out here.

Music in today's show:

1) "Damage Control" by B.D. Lenz from the CD: "Tomorrow's Too Late". Website Equipment: Fender Stratocaster through a Penn amp.

2) "Three" by Paul Sanwald. Website Equipment: Ibanez PM-100 through a Polytone Megabrute combo amp.

3) "Circle Line" by The Keith Freeman Quartet from the CD "Circle Line." Website Equipment: Hofner Jazzica (w. Kent Armstrong single coil p/up & Thomastik-Infeld Swing 013 strings) and an ATT Little Willie 30w valve amp.

4) "Line Game" by Steven Kirby from the CD "North Light". Website Equipment: Kubicki Telecaster and the amp was an Acoustic Image Coda 2.

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