Batter Up

Hey there, a report from the other side of midnight, the central time zone, where the temp rides the 100 degree F mark and it's no big deal, the lawn cries and the flowers collapse, where false cowboys have addresses and I have part of a day off. At my other blog, I done busted my software and now live in fear that I could accidently scramble all of my data so that it would finally make sense. I'm sure I'll solve that soon.
In other news the bathroom looks like a cardboard box now that the 340 lb. cast iron tub is out (and grabbed off the lawn by persons unknown), the dry wall and tile lay shattered in a landfill north of here, close to the reminants of two layers of vinyl flooring and in the same county as the sink, the cabinet and the molding. Being home often means projects on fast forward, resentments, cat naps and kitten patrol. A podcast of the domestic quality is soon to come... not always as popular as the out of town ones but a man's gotta do...
I'd like to thank the Brooklyn Bluesman for taking point on the DVoices project, grabbing the bull by the horns and giving it a name. It still remains to be seen if it will be a party of two, shouting at different sides of a harvest moon in two broken yet eeriely similar dialects or a party of partially educated ner-do-wells who may not win any sporting trophies but will probably find a way to insult the other team without them knowing it. We all gotta have goals.

Game on!


bpende said...

Nah.... now we can get into a kind of weird trio shout. I've got my blog over at wholelotofnonsense.org and my feed's over at feeds.feedburner.com/wholelotofnonsense. I appreciate Mr. Forman's invitation, and will try my darndest not to drag ya'll down.

Brooklyn Bluesman said...

To Brad,
Down is where the mud is thickest and thereby the prefered slinging kind.

to aronski,
Sir, I know not of what you speak. We are a site for reformed ant burners(usingmagnifiers and punks). Kindly refrain from future Bob Vila type comments. Dig the harvest Moon stuff though, sounds kind of poetic.