Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom:1

Well friends the adventure begins-this is first episode of Cory Doctorow's: Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom a Creative Commons published novel. I am reciting this fine novel by Cory with Creative Commons and podsafe music in the background and during pauses. I plan on doing one reading (chapter?) each week. I give my warmest thanks to Cory for personally assenting to this project, to Mike Potter over at Coffeehouse To Go podcast for informing me that this work existed, and to Edinburgh Scotland's musical giant's-Sans Trauma whose music was a must in my mind for accompanying this project (their song Stare at the Floor opens and closes each episode). I feel strongly that the future would be very bleak without writing as interesting as Cory's and without music as captivatingly gripping as Sans Trauma. One last plug-I was introduced to Sans Trauma's music by Scotland's Tartan Podcast-the finest music podcast on the net that I know about. Host Mark Hunter is the music podcaster's podcaster providing a rich mix of delightful music to suit all moods, and helping to sooth savage beasts like me.

Shakin' The Hen House 4:42 Organic Featured in the intro
inheritor 8:41 xhale Sad Sequence Pt 1 6:59 Fumitaka Anzai Podsafe Music :background music during recital

Music during pauses in order:
Dirtbag 3:50 Brad Sucks
Pilot In My Head 4:17 Iron Hero Somebody please give these guys a good record deal!
agenda suicide (fake ID mix) 4:58 the faint
This 3:33 Brian Eno
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