PodCast & Portable Media Expo

Alrighty, gentlemen... 'cause I think we're all gentlemen at this point... Who's planning to be at the PodCast & Portable Media Expo (PPME)?

I've got all my plans set. I'll be arriving late Thursday night, and leaving on a red-eye out on Saturday night (0.30 on Sunday am).

Rumours abound on who'll be there, and who won't. So, let's use this thread to figure out what's going on.

As I'm registered for the conference, I'll be able to get hold of the audio and handouts for people who can't be there... so let me know if you can't be there, but would like to get some of the info. The whole set of handouts is supposed to be elctronic, so I shouldn't have to carry stuff away.

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