#16 Ess, Ramo/Hepler, Giglio and Crain

#16 Ess, Ramo/Hepler, Giglio and Crain

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Today's music:

1) "Ask the Guru" by Gene Ess, from the CD: "Sandbox and Sanctum". Website. Equipment: Yamaha SA2000S with Seymour Duncan AlnicoPro II pickups. Mid 1960's Vox Cambridge Reverb and Acoustic Image Clarus 2R.

2) "In the Park" by Michele Ramo and Heidi Hepler-Ramo, from the CD: Felicita. Website. Equipment: Takamine HP-90 cutaway with a Fishman pick-up direct to the board
and an Neumann Mic (don't know the #) placed just below the bridge.

3) "Spring Lake" by Joe Giglio, from the CD: "Spring Lake." Website. Equipment: Custom 'strat' style w/ DiMarzio PAF's & Mesa Boogie Amp.

4) "Roadside Romance" by Sam Crain, from the CD: "Oop Bop Sh' Bang". Website. Equipment: Custom guitar made by Billy Cook of Peoria, Illinios. Patterned after a Gibson Super 400. Amp is a Yamaha Fifty 112. 50 watts, 1-12 speaker.

5) "Bella Firenza" by Joe Giglio, from the CD: "Spring Lake." Website. Equipment: 1979 Fender Strat - maple neck through the board. Guitar was wired so all three pickups could be on at the same time, and were. Chorus provided by Lexicon.

Hope you enjoy today's show. I appreciate all your support. If you visit an artist's website, tell them you heard about them at "No Idle Frets." Thanks.

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