50 Ways to Disembody Your Voice:50a

Brother Love sounds the alarm! So finally after eons of podcasting(early May '05 until now) sifting through the Adam Currys and the CC Chapmans we get the DVoice Sonic Batallion)aka Disembodied Voices Podcast Group. Comprised of Nick-No Idle Frets, Brad-Whole Lot of Nonsense, Aron-Parking in Bitterman Circle, John-Italian Born Chinese, Mike-Coffee House to Go and me-Getting A Leg Up. Ladies we need you! Help civilize us and at least show us what clothing to wear so we can look our best on our podcasts!

Simultaneous celebration of life, music, friendship and podcasting! Each of the crew is featured talking a little bit about their thing. These are the songs I feel represent us the best:
Elvis At The Hop 4:36 Scott Henderson & Gary Willis
Kazete 4:27 Obed Ngobeni
Aganju 4:44 Bebel Gilberto
Under The Weather 5:46 3 Man
Collectible Mugs 4:04 Rachel Jacobs
Push 2:54 Brother Love
Special show is a little long so please be patient-about 70 mins.
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Anonymous said...

What does Ian Ferrier's book have to do with this podcast?

Mark Forman said...

Nothing-just borrowed image. I'm very interested in checking Ian out now that you've brought hime to my attention. Seems like a cool artist.

bpende said...

Rock on, Shogun. I appreciate the feedback. I have to say that I hadn't listened to 50a before I did #14... but we must be on some kind of secret PodCaster mind wavelength.

Great choice of music... thanks for that dude, I was hopping in my seat and smiling the whole time.

Mark Forman said...

Glad it rocked your world-it is one fine piece of music.

Mind over matter all the way-lol.