DAO6: Chapter 5

Dare we say-the plot thickens. Things get more interesting. Our beloved Corymatronic up to some good stuff-New work will be presented in serial at Salon Still a need in So. US-please give if you can.

Theme music: stare at the floor 4:20 sans trauma
Intermission Music: I'm Still Around 3:59 Five Eight
Conclusion Music: blink 3:46 Alexander David Rossi analog blue
Interstices 4:28 Fontanelle
Niagra 6:05 Fontanelle
Slow January 6:02 Fontanelle
29th And Going 6:57 Fontanelle
Charm and Strange 6:40 Fontanelle
Fulcrum 4:06 Fontanelle
Here To Go (Metamatics Remix) 5:51 Antenne
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