No Idle Frets:15

#15 DeMicco, Fisher, Coppola, Negri and Carter

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"No Idle Frets" is a Disembodied Voices Podcast.

This week's show:

1) "Jack of Hearts" by Mike DeMicco, from the CD: "As The Sun Sets". Website. Equipment: 1970 Gibson ES 355 direct through a Demeter tube pre amp through a Soundcraft mixing board to ADAT; a Lexicon PCM 80 for reverb.

2) "Lizard Lullaby" by Jody Fisher, from the CD: "Impromptu". Website. Equipment: Klein Electric Guitar direct into the recording console.

3) "Ring Touch" by Michael Coppola, from the CD: "New Impressions". Website. Equipment: 9 String Classical Guitar straight into the board.

4) "Nina's Smile" by Joe Negri, from the CD: "Uptown Elegance." Website. Equipment: Heritage Custom Golden Eagle into a Walter Woods amp then straight into the board.

5) "Groovin' Out Wes" by Mark Carter, from the CD: "It's About Time". Website. Equipment: Gibson 335 "Pro" from the early 80's. Mesa Boogie Studio Pre-Amp into a DBX 160X Compressor.

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