Mouthful Begin's with "M":55

Was in a great mood and had good energy when I did this spontaneous story built on song titles that begin with "m". Hope you enjoy it. The character names were not changed to protect the innocent, any similarities they have to "cult leaders" hosting other podcasts is due to pure whimsy.

At the risk of being edundant I encourage evrybody to head by Evil Genius Chronicles and read some of the inspired blogging and listen to some Grade A Prime podcasts inspired by Dave's recent attendance at Converge South. Leave Brother Dave a comment and tell him the Bluesman sent you.

The musical bed I almost went to sleep on: Roll On 2:42 The Twin Atlas
The songs for the story are as follows:
Mindstalking 3:55 Lunascape
Millionaire Girlfriend 4:23 Jonathan Coulton
Michelle 4:12 The Homesicks
Mr. Insecurity 3:20 Agent Sparks
Mastermind 3:34 Deltron
Miss Goma 6:52 P. Kalle
Magnetic Field 3:24 Alex Chilton
Mexican Lonelieness 3:19 Matt Dillon & Others/Kicks Joy Darkness: A Tribute To Jack Kerouac Some strong language
Mission Bell 3:42 Coronet Blue
A Modern Way Of Letting Go 2:22 Idlewild
Mr. Lucky 4:41 John Lee Hooker
Mondo Generator 6:15 Kyuss
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