Whole Lot of Nonsense - Show 16

Show Notes: Still laughable, but here nonetheless.

This is available as an mp3 for download.

Whole Lot of Nonsense - Show 16

I was gone on vacation... and now I'm back. I open with some sound seeing from several hundred feet up on St. Paul's Cathedral in London and then a band in fron of Buckingham Palace. I let the British Service Industry have it... my compliments, that is. Oh yeah, the PHL started, and it's time to be aware that Shrub is trying some stupid diversionary tactics.

This week's music comes from, the marching miltary band in front of Buckingham Palace, Cagey House's "Transportation by Rail End of Navigation", Cagey House's "Outside after Bedtime", Blacksun's "Revolt" and a couple of non-PodSafe tunes. I'm working on it... I'm working on it....

Cagey House is available as a listing on the PodSafe Music Network and a link to Steel Tantrum produced by Nishi.

The PodSafe Music Network is a great resource for PodSafe Music... hence, the name I guess.

All in all, 14 minutes I hope you don't want back.

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