Whole Lot of Nonsense - Show 17

Show Notes: Still laughable, but here nonetheless.

This is available as an mp3 for download.

Whole Lot of Nonsense - Show 17 - Todd Lerner, Hybrid Rant, PHL, Hollow Horse and promos...

I have got some great news from our friend over at songforfree.com, Todd Lerner. He got pod-play on the Daily Source Code's Show 265 from 24 October 2005 Hurrah!!!

Today, I take The Star Ledger to task for a mostly negative article on hybrids. I give an update on the PHL and play a song from Hollow Horse from their CD, Five Year Diary.

The PodSafe Music Network is a great resource for PodSafe Music... hence, the name I guess.

All in all, 21 minutes I hope you don't want back.

Sites Mentioned:

Burning Sensation Online Comic Strip
Daily Source Code
Hollow Horse
Honda Insight - Official Site
Insight Central.net - the Unofficial Insight Encyclopedia
Jawbone Radio
PHL Cafepress Site
PodCast Paul
Tartan PodCast
Todd Lerner's Song for Free Site

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