Italian Born Chinese #12, The Return

Podcast number 12!! I am back!! This is my Christmas Edition of IBC. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!!

IBC #12 podcast-black
Size: 16.8MB
Time: 24:33

Show notes:

- Podsafe: Cruel Weather by Mike Chappelear
- Podcasts: Accident Hash, U-Turn Cafe, Gettling a Legup, Coverville, The Scene Zine.
- Podsafe: What To Do With Michael by Candy Butchers
- Shanghai: Christmas in Shanghai.
- Podsafe: If Every Day Were Christmas by Podsafe for Peace
podsafe music network


Mark Forman said...

I'll have to go light some firecrackers-welcome back John.

Aron said...

Real glad you're back... DVPG isn't about frequency or quanity, it's about a certain quality and need... good to hear you again!