Clear Bright Festival Day

Tuesday April 04th 2006, 3:40 pm Edit This
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Photo by Yeyo Pepe

This is the holiday celebrated here to honor the “previous inhabitants of the planet”, those “dearly departed.” Put that in your MindFields and listen. I promise the music is very uplifting.

Please purchase music directly from artists whenever possible

See That My Grave Is Kept Clean 6:56 Kelly Joe Phelps
TheGreatCarTomb 2:17 Deerhoof
Ghosts 1:53 Ted Leo & Pharmacists
Dead & Gone 2:32 The Safes
Long Gone Dead 2:53 Rank and File
She’s Gone 3:19 P W Long
You’re Gone 4:40 Greyhounds
Gone For Good 3:13 The Shins
Gone 2:23 Sparrow
So Gone 3:08 sparkle*jets u.k.
Goodbye Forever 3:06 Alkaline Trio
Goodbye Again 3:58 Dave Alvin with Rosie Flores
Goodbye Grace 3:56 Cardiacs
she said goodbye 2:24 The Pills
So…Goodbye 2:40 The Millions
Under the Bed: Goodbye 3:27 Tessitura

This is a Disemboided Voices Podcast Group Podcast

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