Wander Radio Episode #2

Episode 2. Finally here.

Knitwitch's Sci-fi Fantasy Zone
Tracy & Laura Hickman' Dragonhearth
Podcasting for Dummies

Demons - Barbara Leoni
The Dugout - Ladyhawke
Wander Radio Special Sports Presentation
Am I Forgiven - lmnop - Song Fight Winner
Jack Mangan's Deadpan
IROK Radio - Rockin the Plains

Jack Mangan's many accomplishments:
Spherical Tomi @ Podiobooks
Dirk Moonfire and the Nefarious Space Women at Creative Guy Publishing.
The essay "Supremacy" at the Internet Review of Science Fiction (It is free, but you will have to register)

16 Pieces at a Time. Part 2

All In - The Sunspots
Lightnining (The Ghost of Pride) - The Pharmacy Prophets
God Save the Internet - The Broadband.

The Wander Radio Players:
Mark Forman, Tim Duncan, and myself.

Special Thanks to: Ian Shields the Ranting Scotsman, The Brooklyn Bluesman The Reigning Shogun of Tiawan, and to Dani in NC for their contributions.

Email: wanderradio [at] gmail.com
Skype: WNDRWolf

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