LinkedIn and you... not so annoying together...

Alright, as mentioned by His Reigning Shogun-ness, Mr. Forman, I'm posting about LinkedIn...

Guys, I think we should try and start using this site for DVoices as well as for personal business development.

Now, this is not an AmWay ad.
No, this is not a SecondLife add-in.
I don't get points for adding new members.
I'm not trying to get a free iPod out of this.

I was invited into this website by Mark Hunter from the TartanPodCast. I trust Mark's opinion, so I checked it out. I read the privacy information. I tested out some stuff. I found some people in my professional background I've not heard from in a bit. I reconnected with some old consultant contacts. Took about 3 days, and most of that time was waiting for people to get back to me.

I also have the right of first refusal on just about any traffic that goes through this site. If you want to contact someone on the site, you'd better have an email address for them yourself, or you have to use your network of friends to get someone to introduce you. No cold calls. No unsolicited email from people looking to meet you.

The site is not as intuitive as I'd like, and there are different tiers of service, basic free and some professional paid features. I've been able to get fairly far along on the basic free service, and won't go to the paid service unless I start doing some heavy-duty networking.

If you don't want in, that's totally cool with me. If you've got another way to maintain a business network, let me know. I'm curious how we can maintain and grow out contacts so that we have people upon whom we can lean when we're looking for new jobs, work, transitional opportunities... all that jazz.

I'm also thinking that we can use this to seek out new PodCasting opportunities. As this medium grows and becomes the kind of thing that you can do as a vocation or an avocation, we'll need to have some rock-solid contacts. I'm thinking that this kind of network may help us pursue those choices we may want to make as we move forward in PodCasting.

I may also be pipe-dreaming.

This is one of those things where I think this will work. Whether or not it's going to work like I'm thinking is a large function of what I put into it... and I think our group can put lots of good things into this network.

Send me an email at bpende at gmail dot com if you'd like me to send you a specific invitation, or head on over to LinkedIn if you want more information and want to just sign up yourself.

Thanks for your time.

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