Coffee House to Go - September 30, 2006 - Wander Radio

Coffee House to Go Special Edition #1

Rebroadcast of Jack Hosley's Wander Radio episode #7

Stay tuned for a new episode of Coffee House to Go, but in the mean time -- and to thank you for you patience in between our regular shows -- I'm pleased to have been given permission to present to you this director's cut of Jack Mangan's short story, "Sixteen Pieces At A Time" as dramatized by Jack Hosley and the Wander Radio Players.

The print version of Mr. Mangan's story can be found here: http://www.sfreader.com/contest-2005-3.asp

A lot of effort went into this production, so please show Jack (BOTH of them) your appreciation and send your comments about "Sixteen Pieces..." to wndrwolf@wanderradio.com.

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chtg_SE1_20060930.mp3 (41m:24s 37.9mb 128kbps)


Muse Isle MeetUp?

Wow found this lovely place that is beautiful and offers musical performances and art gallery and sea-view chill areas,etc. Here is link for Muse-Isle and if you get there before me say hi to Mike and Martha. They've already given us the welcome sign for meetup.


Meet up in Second Life

Second Life DVoices meet-I'll provide drinks. Some of you have at least tried out by now. If not, SL is a virtual community where you can buy and sell property, do business, chat/IM with friends, participate in social activities not disimilar to the real world. I'd like to arrange a meetup with DVoices group members sometime in SL whereby we can chat and meet virtually. So there's my offer I'll take it further when get some response(s). In SL I'm Chill Moksung.


Whole Lot of Nonsense - Show 35 - CSA... not the abbreviation you're thinking of

Show Notes: Still laughable, but here nonetheless.

This is available as an mp3 for download.

Giggity Means "Links are in the show notes"... secert PodCaster words... w00t...

Whole Lot of Nonsense - Show 35 - CSA... not the abbreviation you're thinking of

I've been enjoying the produce we've been getting from our local CSA - Honey Brook Organic Farm, so I figure, "Hey, I PodCast... let's PodCast about this... and it's a good social action thing to do...". Listen to me and others talk about how great CSAs are. This show's song is from Tons of Fun University and is called "Come a Long Way". The bed music for the CSA quotes comes from Savium called Animus Girl, courtesy of the PodSafe Music Network. The twang in this show also comes from the PMN and is from Bloingo.

Key Links:

All in all, ~21 minutes I enjoyed bringing you.