A.Connector: Gamma Radiation & 1st Podcast

Yes folks. First podcast here. Please be kind, but be vocal? What did you like/dislike? I have begun a project to get many new media friends to add their voices/thoughts to the conversation on being a connector. Since new media is citizen media, if you feel you have something to add to the conversation, please send me you audio file @ bbluesman at gmail dot com or leave voice mail at: 206-309-0542.

Main topics: Introduction, Defining the Destiny

Some “Connectors” who have inspired me and are cited within: CC Chapman, Chris Brogan, Christopher Penn, Eric Rice, Evo Terra

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Chris Brogan said...

Okay Mark- quick update to your blog site. PLEASE put some kind of larger branding on the About or Who Is or whatever. I couldn't figure out who's blog this was. That's not fair. : ( Now I know it's you, Im' all happy and engaged.

Help your fans know who you are.

Mark Forman said...

Excellent criticism. Will make soem adjustments. Thanks for joining our conversation!