I was lost but now I'm home...

Hmm, this must be Kansas again?? Can't believe I've been away from here for so long. My bad. Start out with new updated more atom(sub-atomic??) look. Need to tidy up and add new link for my new podcast: A.Connector.

We are social media experts. Time t empower the convenience and power of new/social media tools and technologies and be a little more social in the process-doh. Talkshoe, skype, Second Life, Twitter and Jaiku to name a few.

No need to roast marshmallows and sing kumbaya via broadband connection but let's help each other where we can. :)


Mark Forman said...

Can't believe I'm commenting on own post. Adrift in the sea of social media...but I digress.

Brad & Jack-great skype-chatting. Let's get some new juice flowing thru the pipelin here and see if we can't get others to join in more frequently.

WNDR Wolf said...

Ok - Where do I plug in the juicer??