2-Way Connecting/Cast#4

Finally nipped FTP issues in the bud, and have uploaded this episode. I feel it is the best yet in terms of mix, great new bumpers from Rich Palmer and “Connector” contribution from one of the hardest working connectors in new media: CC Chapman. Thanks for all the feedback. Now CC has created some link labor for me so here we go: Eric Rice, Chris Brogan, Christopher Penn, Steve Garfield. Ahh , you’re right they are all from Boston…, borrowed from CC.

Now back to being serious-CC’s piece was excellent. One of the reasons I love this guy is his continuous seeking to be in touch with himself, which I know enables him to be a good connector for others. My topic touches on that as well and as serendipity would have it , pure coincidence. Oh wait I forgot-one more link from Bos…, no York, PA: John Swords

Now, this show would be so cool with your contribution.

What does being a connector mean to you? Who are some connectors that have influenced you? How do you connect best with others?
Please call in to +1 206-309-0542 or send audio file to bbluesman at gmail dot com. Target time is 3 minutes.


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