Bird geek forgot camera for Taiwan trip

Picture by Christiana Ellis
My buddy Paul the birder was quite chagrined when he set out for 1st leg of Asia trip(Taiwan) and realized he forgot his "beast"-primary bird photo camera. He spent much coin to arrange that "Beasty" be forwarded on to Japan for retrieval on 2nd leg of journey. While he was planning black opp for Godzilla charting in Tokyo bay he got the good news that for some more coin (Japan customs) they'd gladly release it to him.So you can see a happy birder once again.


Mega post from PMC

Episode S02EP4: Dani Cutler

August 22nd, 2007 | podcast | No Comments

Today we chat with Dani Cutler, this interview was originally recorded on August 3rd. We chat about a ton of stuff, so here are just a sampling of some the links that are talked about in the show.

Next week we have Maggie Bonham of Prophecy of Swords

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S02EP3: Earl Newton from Stranger Things . TV

August 18th, 2007 | podcast | No Comments

Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Earl Newton from Stranger Things. We speak about a wide variety of subjects related to releasing an HD video podcast. This interview was recorded on July 17, 2007 so technically this was the first place, that I know of, he announced his sponsorship by Lulu . TV. The episode of Escape Pod mentioned is Episode 61, I Look Forward To Remembering You.

Garageband was being fussy today, and wouldn’t allow me to put in the promo’s I had wanted to. However next week’s show is an interview with Dani Cutler from Truth Seekers Podcast.

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S02EP2: Steve Eley from Escape Pod

August 9th, 2007 | podcast | No Comments

Today we speak with Steve Eley, host of Escape Pod. We discuss how he came up with the idea, and where it might be going in the future.

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Open Invite!

August 6th, 2007 | podcast | No Comments

Hi All,

I’ve sent off a request to several people who I have interviewed previously to be on a Mega Interview via TalkShoe. If I forgot to send you an invite, or you would be interested in attending to just listen, and possibly ask questions of our guests, here is the information you’ll need:

  • Talkcast Name: PodioBook Chat
  • Time: Mega Interview #1, Fri, September 14, 2007 08:30 PM EDT

    Hoping to have guests from several episodes come on and hope to have a live audience!
  • Phone number: (724) 444-7444
  • SIP: sip:123@ (via Gizmo Project) My preferred way of connecting for best sound (much better than Skype provides)
  • Talkcast ID: 23252
  • PIN: The phone number or 10-digit PIN you signed up with
  • If you would like the above e-mailed to you, then send me an e-mail to: podiobookchat [at] gmail [dot] com and ask for an invite, I’ll have TalkShoe send you an invite!

    Hope to see you all there, and bring a friend!

S02EP1: Gregg Taylor of Decoder Ring Theatre

August 2nd, 2007 | podcast | No Comments

Welcome to PodioMedia Chat, Episode 1! Today we chat with Gregg Taylor. We talk about why create an audiocinema, how he goes about creating his, etc.

We also discuss several shows that we both like in the interview.

Background music is August by Alexye Nov

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Episode 17: End of Season 1

July 27th, 2007 | podcast | No Comments

Hi all, no interview this week. However I do make some important announcements about Season 2, starting next week.

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Givin' It Away! - Audio Gumshoe 83

Audio Gumshoe 83 features music by two artists that let you download their songs for free! Of course, there are options to purchase their music, as well. Why not do the right thing and help them continue doing what they do so well?

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Artists and Songs Played:
Both eliot and Josh Woodward have free songs available. Visit their sites for details!

eliot [MySpace]
-Look at Me Now

Josh Woodward [Site] [PMN]
-Inertia [from the album “Not Quite Connected”]
-The Vagabond [from the album “Dirty Wings”]

Orange is In [Site] [PMN]
-Sticky Finger

Wolfy [MySpace]

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One Voice Domestic Violence Community Awareness Walk
Indie Radio Chattanooga

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Podcasters Are Irrelevant?

Do podcasters still have relevance in a new media landscape increasing controlled by corporations and networks? Does any of this really matter outside of our self-created echo-chambers? I invite your comments and contributions to the discussions here.