Givin' It Away! - Audio Gumshoe 83

Audio Gumshoe 83 features music by two artists that let you download their songs for free! Of course, there are options to purchase their music, as well. Why not do the right thing and help them continue doing what they do so well?

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Artists and Songs Played:
Both eliot and Josh Woodward have free songs available. Visit their sites for details!

eliot [MySpace]
-Look at Me Now

Josh Woodward [Site] [PMN]
-Inertia [from the album “Not Quite Connected”]
-The Vagabond [from the album “Dirty Wings”]

Orange is In [Site] [PMN]
-Sticky Finger

Wolfy [MySpace]

Show Links:
One Voice Domestic Violence Community Awareness Walk
Indie Radio Chattanooga

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