Two Year Anniversary - Audio Gumshoe 85

Two Year Anniversary - Audio Gumshoe 85

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Audio Gumshoe is Two Years Old!

Rich recaps some of the highlights of the past two years. Congratulations and comments are included from:

Brent Bradley - Podshow Radio
MB Linder - Build the Church, Bedtime Stories My Kids Love
The Gophers - Bedtime Stories My Kids Love
Gabor Kovacs - The Electrical Language Podcast
Daniel Johnson, Jr. - Journey Inside My Mind
Ed Roberts - Looking Out the Window, Kansas City Weather Podcast
Crap Mariner (Laurence Simon) - 100 Word Stories

Songs Played:

Guardrail Angel: “Empty Souls” [PMN] [Site]
Sonny Combs and Kitty Kat Rodeo: “Thin Disguise” [PMN] [Site]
Fall Out Boy: “Dead On Arrival” [PMN] [Site]
The Minor Leagues: “Scene It All Before” [PMN] [Site]
Peter Greenstone: “Emmet” [PMN] [Site]
Farewell Redemption: “Hanging On” [PMN] [Site]
Aaron English: “Crossing the Desert, Crossing the Sea” [PMN] [Site]
eliot: “Angel” [PMN] [Site]
Matthew Ebel: “Losing My Way” [PMN] [Site]

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Special thanks to Bob Taylor and Drew Hardwal for their voice talents on Audio Gumshoe. Please visit their sites, as well as Rich’s voiceover site, for your voiceover needs.

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