Wander Radio - Episode 21 And now the News

Suffering From Sanity
Getting a Leg Up
In the Service of Samurai by Gloria Oliver
Pod People – Munk
The Sound of Awesome
One More Night with You – The Brian Setzer Orchestra
Toggle Switch – Moot Davis
Promo – Robotz of the Company
Music News from Insomnia Radio
Another Lonely Night – Marc Gunn
The Sound of Awesome part 2
That Changes Everything Again – Pure Prairie League
You’re my Friend – Paul Marklew
I’m on Firefly – Tom Smith
Promo 7th Son and Heaven from podiobooks.com (Featuring Mur Lafferty and JC Hutchins)
I’ve got Garageband – Project Sisyphus
Wow this turned into a big show but I am not ashamed you people deserved it. It has taken me a long time to get back to this I have been a busy person. Anyway no more excuses. I want people to go and check out this page. Our friends the Brobdingnagian Bards were scammed recently and they want to let all musicians know what happened to help prevent it from happening to someone else. You can find their story here. Go check it out. They did put a package together to help offset the loss and I think that has all been remedied thankfully. So independent artist take heed!

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