Daily Nonsense - an experiment in PodCasting

DAILY Nonsense?

First whenever, but mostly every two weeks... then weekly... now DAILY?


You see, authors engage in an annual ritual called National Novel Writing Month, and commit to writing every day for a month. Many use this as a way to kick start ideas or find out if they're really cut out for the whole authoring gig.

Jennifer of the Morning Brewcast (a PodCast about coffee that is on my list) decided that she wanted to start a similar concept for PodCasters called National PodCast Post Month (NaPodPoMo)... and yes, there's already one for VidCasters and Bloggers, so we're potentially late to the game.

Rather than subject you to hearing this experiment in my feed for Little Bit/Whole Lot of Nonsense, I'm creating a new feed just for this experiment. You all know the deal, right click on that link and paste it into your favourite PodCatcher, or use this link for a one-click subscription to iTunes.

Join me and give me some feedback on how this experiment is going.

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