Daily Nonsense - Show 8 - A Laptop for Every Child. A Solution Looking for a Problem?

Check out my Daily PodCast for the month of November, and listen to Show 8 where I talk some about this topic.

I'm a geek... yeah, who would've figured that what with my being involved in NaPodPoMo?... but a laptop for every child? I heard an interview on CBC's Search Engine with one of the key designers on the project, and had some thoughts and questions.

Is this inherently a good idea? For kids who can't afford food, healthcare, housing, are unemployed or at risk of being killed, raped or put to work as a child soldier... is a laptop the solution to their problems?

I think education is a great idea. I think child-led education is great. What do y'all think about the laptop for every child program?

If you really want to help with this program, be aware that you can participate in the "Get 1, Give 1" program through their site XO Giving. The purchase program opens November 12, and you can own one of these laptops for 400 USD. The idea is you buy a 200 USD laptop for yourself and one for a child who needs one.

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