Utterz.com, Fire Drills - BVB7

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Rich likes to use this “moo-ving” service.


Rich shares information about a service he enjoys called “Utterz”. This service lets you mashup your audio, video, photos, text and more through your phone, your browser, cross-posting, widgets and by other means.


Rich shares a topic that he sent through Utterz about school fire drills and a recent program he presented at a local school.


Shades of BlueKirk Fletcher
“Blues for Boo Boo”
from “Shades of Blue”

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The theme music for Blogs, Views, and Blues was created by Chainsaw Dupont. The tune is called “Funky Foot”. Find his music at ChainsawDupont.com and at the Podsafe Music Network.

Background music in this episode courtesy of Derek K. Miller. Track featured is “Had a Plan, Had to Change It”.

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