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Just thought it would be nice to wish all of you and your families a happy holiday season. Hopefully not too stressed out from the "buybuys". I have a really cool post from a talented micromedia guy that I feel rings true. I know each of us are passionate about trying to express ourselves and have some fun while doing it.

"Show or Tell" where is the themed content?
The question at hand is, why are so many (the majority by my estimation) videoblogs not about any single thing or set of things? Or as wikipedia characterizes them, "personal?" They don't seem to have a theme or focus. They can't quite be described as being "about" something. (This includes my own vlog). In other words, they're not shows.

I concede that the folks who don't want them to be shows (for lack of a more imaginative term I'll call these good people "vlogging purists" in this post) make a compelling argument. It goes something like the following...

Videoblogging at its core is about The New Way. A new way of making media. A new way of distributing media. New paradigms, new approaches, new rules -- scratch that: no rules! We needn't limit our new selves with old expectations, which were created by our old nemesis, TV.

The categorization of "shows" by genre, subject, and content is mostly the result of generations of marketing and advertising trend-setting. Slicing communities into demographics, pigeonholing individuals as consumers, and creating expectations based on the dominating agenda: to sell us all something.

Anyhow, hope you find something in there for ya! Peace and good will towards all!

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