Zone Show #6 - Nora K. Jemisin

(Creole French for "a little something extra.")
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  • Classic Zone Preview
  • Interview with Nora K. Jemisin
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  • Storytelling Feature - "Cloud Dragon Skies"

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7th Son Book One: Descent - http://www.jchutchins.net/
The Failed Cities: Hath A Darkness - http://www.variantfrequencies.com/
Infected - http://www.scottsigler.com/
Miranda, Queen of Argyll: Past Sins & Miranda, Queen of Argyll: Unlikely Saints - http://www.queenofargyll.com/
Playing For Keeps - http://www.playingforkeepsnovel.com/
Buffy Between The Lines - http://buffybetweenthelines.com/
"Ain't No Love In The Club", Wylde Bunch - http://www.wyldebunch.com/

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SupComTabz said...

Thanks so much for mentioning Buffy Between the Lines! Hope you get to listen soon!