Wander Radio Episode 17

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Yeah it is late…but the best laid plans of mice…

This one is a long one…Clocking in at 46 min. Enjoy.

The show notes:



Jack Mangan’s Deadpan Podcast

Love House Radio

Covered in Bug – MMMC

Godspeed – Earthless (Pre-Release)

Come On Come On – Stackmagic

Jason from Insomnia Radio (He’s my Idol)

Nina Kimberly the Merciless

I Just Drove By – Kimmie Rhodes & Willie Nelson

Am I Right (or Amarillo) – Asleep at the Wheel

Absent Radio – Black Tie Revue

Lonnie Ezell from “Daughter of the Sun” Podiobook

Hyperspace Cryogenic Insomnia Blues – Tom Smith

Crude – Popular Electronics

Proud – Deux Freres

Les Zaldor from Zaldor’s World…What the Hell was that?

Come On – Take 6

Down to the Atom – Duboce Triangle

Medley Remix 2007 - Patricia Paay and the Star Sisters


PBC Episode 9: John Lenahan

Episode 9: John Lenahan

In today’s episode I do my first transatlantic interview, John Lenahan author of Shadowmagic, joins us.

If your interested in helping him get nominated for the Parsec Award, join the board, and put in your nomination at: http://p086.ezboard.com/bpodcastingnowandbeyond.

Next week we speak with JC Hutchins (for real this time).

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Connecting with others in sales-A.Connector Cast #2

Hey everyone. Getting a little more in the rhythm and speaking of rhythm my buddy Moshang(Jean Marais) agreed for me to use his beautiful tune “gentle Beauty” from his Chill Dynasty disk as background music. Moshang and his music deserve your connecting.

Ok back on track. Today’s topic is connecting with people and somewhat emphasizing in sales context. Most of my life experience is in sales and marketing so that is a filter I know very well. Did I mention that life is sales,and sales is a conversation? :)

Big props to one of my mentors Zig Ziglar(please see link on right-hand sidebar).

Please listen and let me know hat you think. Please submit me you ideas on being a “connector.”In audio or text.


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Another New Member Welcome

Thanks to our resident WNDR Wolf reaching out, we have new member Chris Moody joining us. Chris is host of the Podiobook Chat podcast and The Kat's Place a Second Life entertainment podcast. Full Disclosure: I know this guy from SL. Cool beans. Welcome aboard Chris!


New Member Welcome

DVoices Group, please be advised that we have some new blood coming in. Bryce Moore of A Bite of Sanity (rant engine, err...blog) and Suffering From Sanity (heh, take a number... oh yeah podcast) . Bryce is a mid-westerner, which proves he's insane. No sane person lives in the tornado belt, or trousers either for that matter. Please make sure to drop by Bryce's blogs and welcome here or via e-mail... Welcome to the conversation Bryce!


Musical body art/Getting a Leg Up Podcast

dr. huxtable
Today’s themed podcast is “Tattoos”-well the black lines in them. Mention Miami Ink, want your tattoo stories, wear are they located, what are they, what is the reason you got them? Please send via E-mail, voice mail , leave comments. C’mon it’ll be fun. Play Spherical Tomi promo. All songs have black in the title to represent the black lines in skin art… here is the creed,”Love the tunes>love the artist>buy direct if possible and go to see them live.

Poor Black Mattie 4:11 R. L. Burnside
Mystery Of Black (Pt. 1) 2:53 The Shades of Black
Robes of Bible Black 2:25 Howe Gelb
Black Barbie (Modeselektor Remix) 4:42 Jahcoozi
Black Hand 3:47 Cadence Weapon
Blitzkrieg over my black heart 2:43 Small white light
Black Velvet Band 3:50 Elmo Balderdash
Into the Black 3:38 Ruby Isle
Black Earth 3:23 Black Earth

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A.Connector: Gamma Radiation & 1st Podcast

Yes folks. First podcast here. Please be kind, but be vocal? What did you like/dislike? I have begun a project to get many new media friends to add their voices/thoughts to the conversation on being a connector. Since new media is citizen media, if you feel you have something to add to the conversation, please send me you audio file @ bbluesman at gmail dot com or leave voice mail at: 206-309-0542.

Main topics: Introduction, Defining the Destiny

Some “Connectors” who have inspired me and are cited within: CC Chapman, Chris Brogan, Christopher Penn, Eric Rice, Evo Terra

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I was lost but now I'm home...

Hmm, this must be Kansas again?? Can't believe I've been away from here for so long. My bad. Start out with new updated more atom(sub-atomic??) look. Need to tidy up and add new link for my new podcast: A.Connector.

We are social media experts. Time t empower the convenience and power of new/social media tools and technologies and be a little more social in the process-doh. Talkshoe, skype, Second Life, Twitter and Jaiku to name a few.

No need to roast marshmallows and sing kumbaya via broadband connection but let's help each other where we can. :)


Whole Lot of Nonsense - Show 44 - Why I'm not cycling enough

Show Notes: Still laughable, but here nonetheless.

This is available as an mp3 for download.

Whole Lot of Nonsense - Show 44 - Why I'm not cycling enough

This show I talk about what a circus my life has become... with a soundtrack even. Ok, maybe not a soundtrack, but I give you the opportunity to have your brain filled with the music running through my head. A promo from Tee Morris' Billibub Baddings, a little break in there from Gene from Hometown Tales, and two songs from the PodSafe Music Network (The Circus by Dan Anibal and Midway by The Famous).

Thanks to Froosh for following up and finding us four clearing houses for Australian Volunteer Clearing Houses:

Key Links:

All in all, ~29 minutes I enjoyed bringing you.