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Social communities coming together for a great cause.


Many social networks are pulling together to help Susan Reynolds raise awareness about breast cancer and to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

Susan has a blog detailing her experiences from a recent diagnosis of breast cancer. She calls it “Boobs on Ice.” Inspired by her accounts, many others have started promoting the “Frozen Pea Fund“. They have also been commenting in almost every social network online, including Twitter, Utterz, Flickr, Seesmic, Facebook, and more.

One group of social media pundits even produced a video to help promote. Find it at YouTube and in many other locations. This was sprearheaded by Jeffrey Sass.
You can help! Please contribute to the Frozen Pea Fund.


Rich has recently been “disconnecting” from social media from time to time so that he can regroup and re-prioritize. He does use many of the networks discussed in the past on this show, but is primarily limited to Twitter, Utterz, and Viddler.

Rich is fond of a service called Eyejot that allows one to send video email. This is, as been described by Rich and Eric Rice, an “unsocial media” site. You can record up to five minutes of video with a paid account (up to 60 seconds on the free service), save your address books and friend connections, follow your account through RSS/iTunes, and create a site widget for posting your message of preference to your site visitors.


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Background music in this episode courtesy of Derek K. Miller. Track featured is “Had a Plan, Had to Change It”.

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