PodcastFAQ.com and New Utterz Features - BVB11

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A new service called PodcastFAQ.com and new features at the Utterz micro-blog site.


Not really a blog, per se, but Rich talks about the new service for people interested in podcasting called “PodcastFAQ.com.” This service has been made available by RawVoice, Inc. They are the people responsible for Podcaster News and Blubrry.


Rich is impressed with some new enhancements and features at Utterz.com. Most specifically, the user creation screen now includes the ability to record video and audio “on the fly.” Prior to this enhancement one had to upload prerecorded content.


We Can Get TogetherSean Costello
“Can’t Let Go” (mp3)
from “We Can Get Together”

More On This Album

The theme music for Blogs, Views, and Blues was created by Chainsaw Dupont. The tune is called “Funky Foot”. Find his music at ChainsawDupont.com and at the Podsafe Music Network.

Background music in this episode courtesy of Derek K. Miller. Track featured is “Had a Plan, Had to Change It”.

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