Life-streaming, WuFoo - BVB 15

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ReadWriteWeb has a post called “35 Ways to Stream Your Life.” Author Josh Catone has compiled a great list of applications for life-streaming. Some are still in private beta, but this is an excellent start if you are looking for ways to aggregate your online life.


Rich shares his views of an online tool for building forms, surveys and more called Wufoo. He has tried the free version of the tool. He finds it to be quite practical and effective. Try it out by using his feedback and comment form.


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The theme music for Blogs, Views, and Blues was created by Chainsaw Dupont. The tune is called “Funky Foot”. Find his music at ChainsawDupont.com and at the Podsafe Music Network.

Background music in this episode courtesy of Derek K. Miller. Tracks featured are “Had a Plan, Had to Change It” and “More Red Than Red.”

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