Triggit and FreeScreenCast - BVB13

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Rich shares his review of two services: Triggit.com and FreeScreenCast.com.

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Rich talks about two services that might be useful for your blog needs.

FreeScreenCast — Rich tried this one. He installed it as directed and is able to bring up the software fine. However, when it comes time to record the software stops functioning and an error message is delivered. The potential for this service is great. There are many good instructional and informational videos featured on their site. Give it a try and let Rich know about your experiences!

Triggit.com — Rich has tried this service. He likes the fact that he can place media such as photos and videos into his blog. He can also place ads into text within his blog. This is useful for affiliate ad links. However, he’s not be very successful at getting the application to find the embed codes at Amazon.com.


Rich shares comments from two persons about his last show.
Daniel Johnson Jr.
Jack Hosley


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Background music in this episode courtesy of Derek K. Miller. Track featured is “Had a Plan, Had to Change It”.

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