Little Bit of Nonsense - Show 47 - Should we pay extra for our extra garbage

Should we have to pay for "extra" garbage? Should companies have to take back all the packaging they sell? Imagine if you will that your township, borough, or county decides what an average amount of garage should be for you. So, it charges you extra for trash above that average, and things bigger than average trash. Would you expect companies to help by making their packaging smaller? or their packaging more recyclable? I share my thoughts on just these questions. This PodCast was inspired by a story in Parade Magazine.

The show will have a name change come episode 51. I'll be going back to the moniker Whole Lot of Nonsense. It'll be the same short form show we all have come to love. Don't be surprised when it happens.

I recently went to the New Media Expo, and the gang from Wizzard Media gave away Chico Bags. I picked up an extra green one so I could give it away to one of my listeners. This contest is open to domestic US and International entrants. There is no purchase necessary. Send your name and address to wholelotofnonsense@gmail.com in an email with "Chico Bag Contest" in the subject. I won't resell your names. I will be sending out holiday cards, though. So, I'll be using those addresses for that.

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Coffee House to Go - September 15, 2008

Coffee House to Go episode #31.

Coffee House to Go is a Podcast for writers and the Small Press community.

Opening music excerpt by Uma Floresta, "Almost Everything."

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LB Sedlacek - The Poetry Market E-zine and lbsedlacek.com

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> The SAA Orphan Works Blog
> Orphan Works

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> LB on Twitter

Closing music excerpt by Simpatico, "Santa Claudia"

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Philip DeStefano - Audio Gumshoe 98

Written on 31 August 2008 by


Philip DeStefano

Philip DeStefano

Philip DeStefano - Tension and Release

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- Too Little
- To Be or Not To Be*
- Cafe Ballet
- Save Me
- What Do You Think?

*with Kevin McLeod

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Tension and Release
PHILIP DESTEFANO: Tension and Release
Philip DeStefano - Tension and Release

Coloring the Sky (DeStefano & McLeod)
DESTEFANO & MCLEOD: Coloring the Sky
DeStefano & McLeod - Coloring the Sky

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