Little Bit of Nonsense - Show 34

Our sports and their teams. We love our sports, we want to make a change in their carbon footprint. Are our teams and our sports doing anything to work on their carbon footprint already? I talk about IndyCar racing, the Tour de France, and the Stanley Cup.

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This show's music comes from the PodSafe Music Network. They're Fun n Games from a pageants end, The Game from BORS23, and A Child's Game from This Royal Youth.

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Little Bit of Nonsense - Show 33

Commuting. A lot of us do it. A lot of us hate it. Have you really thought about how you get to work? I talk about some of what I've done with different ways to make that morning commute.

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This show's music comes from the PodSafe Music Network. It's Scotty on the Train from Caledonix.

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NIN-The Shift Podcast

Very knocked out by what Trent and NIN are doing and digging the fine music as well. So I thought hey why not share the love and keep good energy and will flowing around the digital atmosphere. Theme music by Moshang and yes it is awesome and chilling. Mentioned my new site and project Big In Asia. Show some love to Trent and friends by downloading from him and getting friends to do the same.

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Little Bit of Nonsense - Show 31

A global food crisis comes home to roost. There are price increases in the local school lunce, and flour prices are rising. Let's share some information and ideas and work to do our part to help resolve some of the thing causing international food riots.

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Coffee House to Go - April 20, 2008 - Do Swans Sing?

Coffee House to Go episode #29.

Welcome to Coffee House to Go -- ESC! Magazine's monthly Podcast for writers and the Small Press community featuring readings of poetry, short fiction, interviews and reviews as well as featured music from independent bands and musicians.

Opening music excerpt by Uma Floresta, "Almost Everything."

Your Hosts:
Michael Potter - ESC! Magazine and the ESC!Cast Network

LB Sedlacek - The Poetry Market E-zine and lbsedlacek.com

Show Topics:
> LB's 33 Seconds appears in Episode 56 of the Drabblecast
> Book Recycler
> Jumpstart your writing
> National Poetry Month
> BookLamp.org
> Penguin Says No to DRM

Picks of the Show:
> LB - Camel Book Drive
> Mike - The Literacy Site

Links to Know:
> Assume Nothing Press
> Jack Hosley's Wander Radio

Closing music excerpt by Simpatico, "Santa Claudia"

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